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  1. Jurassic Survival [Free]

    Brief description

    This script only work for x32/x86 device. x64 is not available. There are only four hacks in this script so far. 

    1. Experience hack.

    2. Gold hack.

    3. Research point hack.

    4. Energy hack.


    Script will be update if there has demand.


  2. Just now, eNeRGypsx said:

    Can you share with us or me? Publicly or in private. Thank you.

    Everything same as Last Day on Earth. No plan on sharing this, but going to share a script to hack gold/ energy/ research points/ experience for jurassic survival. 

  3. 7 minutes ago, zam535582 said:

    so i had this code = 0;2;800;0::13

    want to change = 2;800 

    i want to give user to change =  2 to any value they like

    but change = 800 to a fixed value.

    how can i do that??

    use prompt for help and do the same as the iterate, just v.value = prompt[1]

  4. 6 minutes ago, Enyby said:

    No. Any loop work one-by-one. But you do same work again and again.

    You can compile both examples to LASM and compare count of instructions.

    You will be unpleasantly surprised by the number of instructions in your code.

    for i = 1 ,#t1 do
    if(t1[i].value==1014350479)then -- get t1[i]
        t1[i].value = 1011011011 -- get t1[i] again
        elseif(t1[i].value==1050253722 or t1[i].value ==1031127695)then -- get t1[i] two times
        t1[i].value = 1 -- get t1[i] again

    Lua do not optimize any code. So if you write get same value few times - lua do it for you. With decrease performance, because it is pointless work.

    Aight, this refreshed my knowledge of how the loop actually works. Thanks

  5. 1 minute ago, Enyby said:

    this line erase element from table. So setValues do not re-set values and we avoid possibility erase changed value with old one.

    Also this operation really fast if run on list table (array-like table, called sequence in lua manual). And this is not rebuild table or reallocate memory, just exclude one value.

    So this way really fast. But if you try (after few remove) add to table some new value, or remove value from hash part - it can call rebuild table with memory reallocation, which is slow.

    So basically, it runs checking for all results at once, while my method is checking one by one? 

  6. Didn't notice that 

    gg.searchNumber('1014350479;1012202996;1083179008;1050253722;1031127695;1065353216;1065353216;1067282596:61', 4) -- search
    local t1 = gg.getResults(5000)
    for i = 1 ,#t1 do
        t1[i].value = 1011011011
        elseif(t1[i].value==1050253722 or t1[i].value ==1031127695)then
        t1[i].value = 1


  7. As a noob, here is my solution.

    gg.searchNumber('1014350479;1012202996;1083179008;1050253722;1031127695;1065353216;1065353216;1067282596:61', 4) -- search
    gg.searchNumber("1014350479;1050253722;1031127695",4)-- refine the three values that you want to edit
    gg.editAll("1011011011;1;1",4) -- edit all of them individually


  8. 8 minutes ago, NoFear said:

    I have a routine.

    Dword -> Double -> Float -> UTF (8/16) -> Encrypted Dword -> XOR Dword

    When they all fail, I do unknown changed/unchanged (very time consuming)...

    For me, it depends on how the game look like, some games looks not easy to hack, so straight use UTF hack, if it look easy, sure goes to DWORD search and memory hack.

  9. 3 minutes ago, NoFear said:

    I should've known you would've got it 😉

    I only sent in private message to someone how 😛



    Sure, you taught me this method. So I always use this method for the first try. 😍

  10. Just now, zam535582 said:

    jeez....i was just like the first guy...tried everything i know..but no success.

    guess like...i need get back to kindergarden....learn ABC....again.


    It's okay to try everything slowly. But since this guy told us what not work, so we need to think some ways that he didn't make. 😉

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