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  1. Dragonvale

    Have you tried this with the standard Dragonvale game, the original? I don't play Dragonvale World and I can't find a similar path to an Etherium equivalency. _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later I use Lucky Patcher for small amounts, but ever since Etherium came out I'd love to bive myself millions at a time. Having trouble with that. Is there a way to hack Lucky Patcher with Game Guardian, I wonder?
  2. Dragonvale

    Charlie, Are you still able to use GG with Dragonvale? So far I've only figured out how to successfully earn gems and coins, but to date am still stumped on Food and Etherium. Kung
  3. Introduction

    Thanks for this program. I've used it towards balancing my budget against playing Android games and have found it useful. I'm looking forward to learning more about XOR and offsets, to see if I understand what game variables are doing behind the scenes. Thanks, Kungsorn