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  1. Peanutbrittle you wont get banned if you use the script properly. Dont use script on TLE or MPE events. Current script mastery is not working @Enyby
  2. cyberaag

    Asphalt 8: Airborne Database

    Its working fine for me. Do one event at a time. Dont do all at the same time.
  3. cyberaag

    Need For Speed No Limits 2.7.3

    Dont hack cars,token or daily events. Money can be hack but not over 50 million(hack offine, still dont trust this that much.) Script for R&D/Championship/ EDD/ And falloutboy works the best and a low chance that you will get banned. I would say dont use script for campaign or mastery. Only for R&D/Championship/ EDD/ And falloutboy champion to be safe.
  4. Their is a new type of event i think. Take your time guys. These thing are a lot of work for the ones that do the script. It may take some time for them to do the script.
  5. How does EDD work for this script. Will it give you all points in one try making you obtaining the car instant????
  6. cyberaag

    Asphalt 8 speedhack

    You can speed hack but in campaign not event. Event equal banned. R&D an ED can be hacked with script. I dont think you will get banned with script for R&D and ED. Enyby know more about this. He can help you better than I did.
  7. cyberaag

    Little help need about asphalt 8

    What does the id for the event do??
  8. Do you think that you can do the motocycle knockdown and then use gamegardian to add more knockdown?
  9. cyberaag

    Need For Speed No Limits 2.7.3

    Guys if you want the drift hack to work, you must finish at the crossing line drifting with values change before crossing the line.
  10. I know but for those who have problem like their elite car turn to normal when hacking to add a car, they can make it elite again by placing that number.
  11. 65536 is the elite. If you copy that number and place in another car it will make it elite.
  12. cyberaag

    Need For Speed No Limits 2.7.3

    Is they any level hack currently??
  13. This is easy to fix. You can change car back to elite by looking for a value that start with 6**** when you are gg a car pro tune, just scroll down a bit and you will see a value in dword that start with 6. I dont remember the value but it start with 6. To find the the value example: let say that you dont have and elite car yet . Look for the elite car and then scroll down to where you change it max or pro to (max 5,5,5,5)(pro 5,5,5,5) and you then scroll a little more down and you will find a valus that start with 6*****. Copy this value and place it in the elite car that change to normal to make it elite again. must be place exact where it belong. So if it is 10 list below the car id , you must place it 10 below the next car id. Note you can also do this for non elite car( but i dont do it)