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  1. Hello, I am using a LG G7 android 8.0 rooted phone. I have the problem that when I tap on the game guardian symbol, the menu does only appear at apps that are not full screen. Some apps like PUBGM only go in full screen and then, the menu is kinda invisible, you can only see the web address of gg and the eye at the buttom right. When I tap on the eye it does react and the web address does dissapear as long I hold the eye button. I do not think that any invisible part of gg does react as I can still use Buttons of the game even though the gg overlay should be over it. I hope you can help me. Log below Edit2: I found out that gg doesnt work when i use the lg g7 exclusive feature(translated): disable warnings during the game, after enabling it game guardian overlay does appear. GG_logcat_r8.69.1_12933_8.0.0_26.log
  2. Everything that worked before still works even the shot trough walls bug
  3. Just make your account unsuspicious aka get high rank lot battles not 100% wins and maybe buy something for real money AND USE only things like nograss aimbot weapon color _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later XFactorLive use right caps
  4. Now guess my name and send me a friend request
  5. LMAO at you guys, I'm using Aimbot/Red weapon/No grass every game - no ban so far. Maybe becouse I made In-App purchases and I'm Grand Master - kinda an anti-ban
  6. No grass works only at day for me, at fog or night it searches twice(error) and yes I used the foggy day no grass. If someone has some suggestions how to fix it, then let me know
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