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    custom do not give experience! Is it possible to play in other modes? If so, which ones?
  1. pandemia

    Tap tap Heroes help

    Hello to all! Who can try to hack the game tap tap heroes? I think you can crack the damage but my knowledge did not help me find the right values. Tap tap heroes google play
  2. pandemia

    Help hack TapTap Heroes please!

    Please someone pay attention to this game please! Try to hack at least something!
  3. pandemia

    Help hack TapTap Heroes please!

    Help me find a pointer to speed and stage more on the video! Another interesting breaking damage
  4. pandemia

    Help hack TapTap Heroes please!

    I only hacked the speed of the game and the round. But since I am not strong in gg, it is difficult for me to find something really worthwhile! Heads of this forum are great please let's try together at least something to hack Here's a video on cracking game speed and rounds
  5. pandemia

    Hack TapTap Heroes?

    the battle, not x2, but a lot Put the game on x1 looking for the value 1 072 902 963 Next, we put the game on x2 and filter as increased! There will be 1 option to change it as much as possible to 1 079 902 963, now the game is very fast!
  6. pandemia

    Hack TapTap Heroes?

    Is there really no way to write at least some small script to facilitate the game?
  7. pandemia

    Hack TapTap Heroes?

    Link taptap heroes
  8. pandemia

    Hack TapTap Heroes?

    TapTap Heroes hack please!
  9. pandemia

    General Troubleshooting guide

    Hello, I installed Parallel Space x64 on xiaomi redmi note 5 but I do not see the application shortcut on the desktop. When installing x86 everything works stably. When installing from the play market it is written only to remove the buttons open no.
  10. pandemia

    Need For Speed No Limits 2.5.6

    "last update ; dont be suprised to see that when you add the modded folders to the game folder , blackmarket seems messed up , just remove the folders and it turns to normal. Just use this mod when you urgently need to upgrade something " And about what he wrote? I understand the details can be bought for gold replacing the folder?
  11. pandemia

    Need For Speed No Limits 2.5.6

    who knows where to get the folders?
  12. I just tried everything I found on the Internet and nothing works! Please help me hack this wonderful game! Well, at least something!