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  1. How about mechanic Points and level ? Can it be hacked and is there a way to hack gold even if you are VIP4 ? Because The gold changes back to original value as soon as you earn or spend from the edited value
  2. I have done that too , I have played 2 campaign races 2 tuner trial races exited game and came back and still my edited value was there so I thought it should have been autosaved and added the daily mission gold and immediately it revert back to what it was before the hack ... Any more suggestions ?
  3. Anybody knows how to hack the latest version of Golf Clash for money and gems or clubs
  4. you should have exit the game as soon as you see that happened and deleted the data folder before it could upload your progress. Same thing happened to me and I almost had a heart attack and with a panic did these things and everything was back to normal
  5. Guys I have a problem All the hacks were very successful for me with-in the v. 2.7.3 but something happened and game restarted itself and now all of the hacks stopped working for some reason. I have tried restarting the game also the GG with no luck. Then I uninstalled and reinstall both GG and the game but still the same result. Anybody has an idea about what's going on ????? I know that I am not banned I can play the BRR with no problem. I think FireMonkey found a way to disable GG without updating the game. Can anybody confirm if this is the situation ?
  6. Guys finally there is a new hack . Gold Hack which you need to buy the daily promotion first from the gold package and at the end it's even faster then the old hack
  7. Sh#t really ? I guess I am gonna try from scratch once again
  8. Any of you guys know a way to work the buying parts and blueprints hack. For the ones who don't know , after copying 2 downloaded folders to the game data folder you were able to buy any part and BP except Laf and Demon and P1 . But it was so convenient to just fill the car upgrade parts right on the spot. It would take me 6 mnts to maximize any car I tried the hack in this version with no luck here are the files , maybe someone can mod them ;)... data (1).zip
  9. thanks for the info so first I will mine some gold and cash before updating and will not play BRR till I get all the cars maxed out
  10. do the hacks still work with the newest update guys ??? it would be awesome to get the fastest hypercars ever
  11. Go to the first page of this discussion _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later I wish this mod could also work for the cars we couldn't build yet including the demon which is even more weird because it is already built ...
  12. yep I can confirm it too that it's still workin Only the mod which lets you buy BP'S and Parts is not working anymore even after putting back the folders where they need to be Maybe somebody can fix that later but I am greatful that at least these money and gold hacks still work edit : I stand corrected , after I did the folders hack again the buying parts and BPs hack still working. I guess It needed couple of tries I am flying through the clouds now last update ; dont be suprised to see that when you add the modded folders to the game folder , blackmarket seems messed up , just remove the folders and it turns to normal. Just use this mod when you urgently need to upgrade something
  13. Anyone knows if our hack works wıth the new update ?
  14. as I said it works properly with the touches .No matter where you touch on the screen . Only the softkeys do not work which are not part of the screen as you know in SGS7 family. I couldn't find any other alternative program which works perfectly so I will keep using this one with my solution
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