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  1. For some reason, the new game guardian update as well as the previous one. 8.35.0/8.34.0 doesn't seem to be working for Iruna Online as smoothly as it did before. The detection problem was definitely fixed but whenever I load speedhack in Iruna now, the game does get faster but movement gets frozen. I am unable to move the joystick and rotate the screen in-game but the tapping motions work fine such as clicking on a skill that does not involve dragging the joystick/screen. It does move sometimes but in jerking movements as if it's lagging and after a moment an "unfortunately Iruna Online is not responding" will pop up. There will also be a PTRACE attach error notice when I click on the gg floating app after all this happens. I read old forums of people who might've had the same problem and only found one unresolved about two years ago but no one else seems to have this recurring problem. I also tried downloading the older versions of gg apps but they all get detected so that isn't the problem. Log_2017-9-27_12-35-09.txt
  2. asuna_xx

    [Help] GG Freeze IRUNA ONLINE

    Ayy I managed to fix it! I don't know if this helps but I hope it does. What I did was literally go through every option of speed and see whether it affected the game or not. In the end only one tick fixed the problem and no drag freeze!
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    Iruna Online Freezing movements

    The new update fixed the problem. Thank you
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    [Help] GG Freeze IRUNA ONLINE

    Same thing happens to me has been happening for very long but the developer say there's no fix at all. Either it freezes game or no speed hack at all. Someone suggested connecting your phone to a mouse via OTG cable, says it works haven't tested it out since I don't have it but that seems to be the only way!
  5. asuna_xx

    Iruna Online Freezing movements

    Thanks that's the only solution I've seen in a long time. Sucks we can't use it normally and that there's no fix apperently very few people have this problem too