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  1. Search the gold or gems you have and there is a tick box saying"The value is encrypted" tick that box then search after that increase or decrease your gold or gems refine again after sometime you'll get about 5-10 values or less edit them to whatever you want
  2. Price of the upgrade then search the value in dword edit all and make them -999999999
  3. Search the they cash needed for an upgrade i searched 8000 in dword and edit all make them -999999999 then buy the upgrade "higher values are easier to find"
  4. @Enyby Well i was using a rules of survival script and i got an error there so i saw that there was used editall and there was something like a[1] or something like this and for this i was getting error when i removed [1] from there it was working fine now my question is why it was not working?
  5. @Enyby sometimes array doesn't work why?
  6. Congratulations master @NoFear
  7. Where did you got the car id?
  8. I also want to know how did you got the wall hack value
  9. Where is money i don't see any or maybe i didn't played that much
  10. What's this game what is he supposed to hack?
  11. Yup give me your WhatsApp number I'll add you
  12. @NoFear sent you my whatsapp number and discord id in pm
  13. I use whatsapp. I have discord too but i forgot my id name
  14. I know basics i want to go to advance it's been 2-3 years I've been using game guardian but i only hacked those games i liked and sometime got some help from YouTube then i learned basics and encrypted value hack
  15. @NoFear help me please i really want to be like you please teach me please i want to be a pro like you ??????
  16. Wow you know a lot. I want to be like you please help me i want to be a pro like you please teach me
  17. Wow thanks. Can you tell me how can i be a pro like you any tips? If no then teach me please i really need to know how to use game guardian like you
  18. To find the other pointer that does not cost real money you have to find the value first then you have to search for pointer that's how you'll get pointer. And the value type can be anything dword, float, double any type
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