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  1. doing the search for 257;8750::41 why it sometime came out. most of the time is nothing find.. anyone got answer
  2. @NoFear yeah .. gold....exp....crystal... all working... working.... thanks @Fight_club@NoFear
  3. @Fight_club Goto and count 7 line above 199D (yellow line)and copy value question1: copy the DWORD value or yellow line ( double 1.438199e210) question 2: after Paste it at your value saved (300) or count 12 line above 300. go straight to check stabilizer or play and exit? thanks... """Your 300 value saved already. Use the 2nd line:3199;2399....::1000 and search dword. When you get your 6 values, the 3199 to 199 You will start with the first value 199. Select 199 Goto and count 7 line above 199D (yellow line)and copy value Paste it at your value saved (300) exactly like hacking crystal. After you check your stabilizer.(you will have stablizer with 20% chanceof amelioration) After you select 399 and do the same methode like 199.""""
  4. how you hack the stablizer and exp... showing step by step please thanks
  5. do this steps. for gold while playing on "PATROL I"easy START THE GAME PLAY 1) pause then search 0x4 new search 2) resume take some coin "if you take 9 gold" 3) pause and search 1~9x4 refine 4) resume take all coins 5) pause and search 53x4 refine 6) you will see 80FD71F0 -422,124,124 or 80FD1F0 1,125,1245,452 something like that 7) click on it go to 8) you will see something like EX. 80FD71EC ...change value to 0 "locate above 80FD1F0 " 80FD71F0 ... change the value to 1123456789 work good.. give over 3 millions gold.
  6. can anyone.. please show how to hack crystal and exp...
  7. anyone got the exp and crystal hack working...
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