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  1. Respect your work...but can i hack crate coupons ? (Premium/Superior Crates)
  2. Where is Anonymous 1000 ??? .............. Miss you sir
  3. I am waiting for Angry Birds Evolution (Gems Hack )
  4. Please make VDO for this Yeah...Finally i did it lol....feeling awesome
  5. I tried this text (string) in Piggy Boom....this works only for text....Can we change values using text string. E.g I have 20 Hearts in game and i want to change Value 20
  6. Please make vdo for Gold hack (version 1.5.7)
  7. Enyby sir thanks for this video..but i want video for Angry Birds Evolution
  8. Omg ! Freeze hack working for me...this is the first hack i used...thank you very much now i can upgrade my house....and love you HAcker bros
  9. AB 2 Catched me.... hahahahaha _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later I used DW Values for hack I hacked Gems unlimited + Black Perl My account is locked but m still playing _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later Tips for Hackers : If you hacked Birds level then don't join/create Clan
  10. Man u r Pro hacker.....Hatsoff....Please Make VDO on Piggy Boom Game
  11. How to Hack coins i have only 25
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