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  1. any one can help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give me the lua script for version 2.3.0
  2. hey i can not download your script error displaying " We could not locate the item you are trying to view." can you help me by sending the script on hero.patel1569@gmail.com
  3. atv working or not ?? and hoe to put electrick genratore at watchover tower from inventory? and is old dupe hack still working i am plying this game after long time so didn't know...................
  4. arrow should be different types like fire type every zombie can burne by that ? and that zombie on fire touch another zombie that put also on fire
  5. Confirmed! Search for divers mask. so we can go to through river???????????
  6. any one found SNORKEL MASK ? if it's real then tell me cause i show some video on you tube may be it's fack or photoshoped some picture
  7. level hack doesn't work now i think u have to buy xp booster and play game after one week may be u could on level 50+
  8. after purches or opening crate restart game then use the @Krakken's hack formula
  9. see or download all video (look for @Krakken's video he made easier for nooby from @NoFear's video ( if u have difficulty with speed cause i don't )) they can just provide the food or menu of food , you have to choose and eat your self ? _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later look for facebook page of game dev
  10. i think it's after update problem
  11. lol completely agree with u (LEAVEMEALONE = for get rid of big one?)
  12. just waiting for an update now bored playing in the gape of 3 days ?
  13. can u make video of damage hack that save the game cause i need only for kill THE BIG ONE
  14. hey man can hack the damage that i mention in other post cause by that maybe we can kill the THE BIG ONE and get the infected box
  15. be + boys this forums has to complete it's 100 runs(pages?)
  16. @NoFear and @Krakken is there any chance that we can hack healers weapone damege increse duration or damage hack for permenant like healer gives 10% more damege for one hour then it's more easy for killing zombies like shotgun's damage is 70 so 10% is 77 damage provided for one hour if we(mean you) could change that percentage for permanent damage
  17. ok man keep doing it well ronaldo is my fevorite ?
  18. Transmission is in the game because it seems in neighboure's house like we saw the chopper tank in other one but the working process of ATV is not in the game that's what i think by the way
  19. it is with old post i dn't know the page number u can search with GG u can easily hack them just put the right value or some less value so u don't mess with vehicle or it can't finalyze don't finallyz ATV it's not in the game
  20. old chopper hack still work i think u push hard your self just see old posts with GG u can hack the chopper and also work with atv , gunsmith and acid bath to just don't finallize the ATV cause it's not in the game
  21. i think i will be 100+ if dev. keep just small update gives like that?
  22. there is a way u can dupe 2 parts into 3 parts then after u have 3 parts u can dupe easily by running method 1) find the addreses as normal 2)freez that values like we always did 3)split one time, so now it display bothe slot 1 engin part 4)then withot unfreez the main slot from which u spilt that engine part drag to another slot 5) boom magic drag part is now 2 engine part whree u drag so u have now 3 engin parts after that u can use dupe on 3 parts easily and there is video about that don't know the page but this is the prosses
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