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  1. after update i can't access ATV When i touch setting button of ATV it doesn't do anything to let me set item for that i have all item that can complete ATV but i am stack at setting button Plzzzz any one can help ?
  2. yes i have but not like you guys i just do from scrips so by mean i want to learn i am am realy onest with you that i have no knowleage how to find id i asked for codes that was my mistack.... at that time i am asking for tutorial only sorry for bad english
  3. i am totaly new to GG do you have any tutorian for me how to find id ................... iwan't to learn that
  4. just send me code i can't find anything cause i am new to game gurdian
  5. any one can help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give me the lua script for version 2.3.0
  6. hey i can not download your script error displaying " We could not locate the item you are trying to view." can you help me by sending the script on hero.patel1569@gmail.com
  7. atv working or not ?? and hoe to put electrick genratore at watchover tower from inventory? and is old dupe hack still working i am plying this game after long time so didn't know...................
  8. arrow should be different types like fire type every zombie can burne by that ? and that zombie on fire touch another zombie that put also on fire
  9. Confirmed! Search for divers mask. so we can go to through river???????????
  10. any one found SNORKEL MASK ? if it's real then tell me cause i show some video on you tube may be it's fack or photoshoped some picture
  11. level hack doesn't work now i think u have to buy xp booster and play game after one week may be u could on level 50+
  12. after purches or opening crate restart game then use the @Krakken's hack formula
  13. see or download all video (look for @Krakken's video he made easier for nooby from @NoFear's video ( if u have difficulty with speed cause i don't )) they can just provide the food or menu of food , you have to choose and eat your self ? _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later look for facebook page of game dev
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