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  1. Last day on earth survival

    Thank you very much for this, Nick, NoFear and Enyby. I was planning on arranging this for a while now but no time whatsoever. I'm very glad to be part of this community. It's very solid and united for the same purpose. I hope I'll be more active again in the future. I enjoy being here more than playing any game at the moment. I haven't had this much fun in years and I've learned so much. Hope to join you a lot more, and soon. Best wishes, my friends. <3
  2. Last day on earth survival

    By forcing add value as Double on armor? Method for this? Can't recall a video other than the Russian hacker one.
  3. Last day on earth survival

    So share, mate, that's the point of this thread
  4. Last day on earth survival

    Sorry, mate. I didn't even watch it. This hacker is one of those guys who I look up to and trust immediately. I just shared his video since I knew it was good content for everyone here. I have very limited time at the moment so I'm not playing, I just test a couple of things for 5 minutes every few days. He released a new video for hacking gold through exp (max 700k), which has already been mentioned in this thread: https://androidrepublic.org/forum/threads/last-day-on-earth-survival-on-all-versions-hack-coin-new-metod.41902/#post-339261 ... Please, stop asking for an ID list for all the items, that's too much time wasted on simple resources you can get from boxes. That's counterproductive and enabling spoonfeeding. Ask for what you need, a rare item, an end-game weapon, fur items, not the ID of steel ore.
  5. Last day on earth survival

    ATV isn't working yet. Electric generator, haven't built mine yet. Old freeze dupe works. Inbox pointer hack method Credits to kimchanjun on page 70: It's not productive to get the IDs of ALL the resources for others to search and paste. A much easier and quicker way to do this is through resource boxes and applying a high value quantity pointer on them. Item IDs should remain for peculiar items which are hard to get. Otherwise this thread will be flooded with pointless requests. Plus, you get your inbox filled within minutes.
  6. Last day on earth survival

    You can't do a sequential search for those crates. They're not ordered the same way other items are. You should purchase in order to have a greater value, preferably in the hundreds range (say, 483 boxes) so you can single-search them easily. If you refine as you buy, you'll find these very quickly. Just focus on one at a time. I don't understand what you're trying to do as pointer duping in your inventory goes through 80% the process of freeze duping. Replacing IDs are the same method for the inventory but not for the inbox, for that you have to read back a few pages. There is a logic. A few posts above I explained how pointers are organized in the game's memory. Now if you think as the directories analogy as rooms in a mansion, then you're being dropped in the lobby and you start investigating. Maybe you'll have to go back to the lobby and start all over, but with enough exploration you'll find your own way for the goodies. That's what NoFear was doing since page 1. It's not random. The environment you're dropped in is random to you at a first look. Then you analyze for patterns and find logic in it. Someone structured this game, this is breaking that structure down to a makeshift blueprint.
  7. Last day on earth survival

    Follow the video a couple of posts above, just follow the pointers I'm going for
  8. Last day on earth survival

    And you're getting no results when searching for 12.99 as Double? You can single-search this.
  9. Last day on earth survival

    Last time I looked into forcing high values, it was randomly working with some items. Wood used to work. I used to buy a stack of 700, restart the game, group search for it and the value after that, and force changing both quantity and verification values to 500M ticking add to value, do not replace. I'm not sure if this still works, I'll get to it later. Once you have one address working, just spread its quantity pointer around. Good luck. Old video: 1. This is the most detailed pointer tutorial I've made, listen to the voice over, I'm explaining what to look for. 2&3. First you have to understand what kind of info you are dealing with and how it is used, the logic behind the process. There are many factors to consider. Usually you're searching for quantities of a stack or the value of an IAP. Next to this information you will find similar information. If you're looking for a quantity value in your inventory, once you find it, scroll up and down the address list and you will find the quantities and other properties of the other items also in your inventory. Pointers are like folder paths in your computer. When you copy a purple address (one that has another address being pointed to) and search for it, it is a similar action to the "folder up" or "go back". When you long press that address and choose 'go to pointer', it's the equivalent of opening a folder, going deeper into the directory. This is merely an analogy. Then you look up these purple addresses and look around them and sometimes there's useful information. Once the item ID is found, you can copy the address managing this "folder" (the pointer) and paste it in some other place. The same goes for quantity pointers. Thus the guides on how to put stuff in your inbox and duping equips through a stack of wood in your inventory. Cheers
  10. Last day on earth survival

    What do you mean? Everything in here works and you have videos not only showing how to do it but also proving it works. If you have an account in this forum and most likely have GG installed in your rooted device, probably playing legit isn't your main focus, thus, you should atleast be prepared and aware of potential data loss, bans, cheat detection restrictions, etc. Comes in the package. All I can tell you is that I've been in this thread since page 2 and I've gone off scot-free so far.
  11. Last day on earth survival

    They haven't put the gas mask either and I put it in there by forcing the ID.
  12. Last day on earth survival

    Confirming that inbox content is unrelated to access to your base. Nor does previous content such as aluminum, miniguns or modified weapons on regular boxes. Gif to show base access with flooded inbox.
  13. Last day on earth survival

    I think you're looking back a bit too much. Was this the schematics requirement freeze to multi-craft? From the first pages? This was fixed ages ago. Try looking into NoFear's pointer hacks: https://youtu.be/FF13bHvuLhc
  14. Last day on earth survival

    Inbox, mate. Personally, I didn't get any issues with my save game, probably because I never placed one of those boxes in my base. I don't feel the need to expand storage when I use my inbox as my storage. All you have to do is open resource boxes until you have all resources and then giving them a high quantity through their quantity pointers. Same thing for weapons and equips, and for exclusive items just change the item ID of fresh wood into whatever you desire. With your inbox you don't have a quantity limit issue and you can have everything in one place. You can withdraw anything anywhere. It's a far superior method of storage, so consider transferring everything to there.
  15. Last day on earth survival

    Everything pointer related is working. Can you show a print of the shop screen with currencies?