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  1. @iBaysicRS perhaps because your cheating a bit too much lol. Don't be going crazy with item amounts. Like for ex: Having over 100k of every med is a bit suspicious. Having 100,000,000 of a rare item is suspicious. Having 1,000,000 of greenhouses is suspicious. Only give yourself what you need and don't over do it. The hack it's self is not detected by the game it's self ,but there are moderators that are out and about as well.
  2. @BadCase on the previous page in which you provided a link for a free version of the script(I'm assuming), I believe it is broken or the file was removed. Can you confirm what happened?
  3. Hey @ItsSC and @meisterfuu , how did you both modify the gold coin values( not the trade coins), the coins you use to (buy in shop)? may I ask if one of you can describe how you did? I'm having troubles. much appreciation if possible!
  4. So I've been trying to find a way to accumulate some of the coins. So far the only way I thought of is to purchase them, then edit the country value. If only there was a ad option built in that would offerd a few coins in turn for watching a video- I've edited lots of values that way from the ad offers. I'm going to keep looking for different ways.
  5. Shoot, complex? Nah! Lol. Wonderful script. Saves time compared to showing each mod individually.
  6. I Yes there is. I won't say though hehe
  7. Well you don't need my permission. Xd
  8. GPAQHLQ-nEc If you search this on YouTube, please read what I said below. Let.me know if this works for y'all.
  9. I'll see if I can make a video.
  10. Day r survival caps hack tested on 1.620; I'd recommend having at least 2500 caps to start with this hack. Step 1: do an unknown search( float value) Step 2:After the search is done purchase a coupon from the shop or something that's 100 caps or less to avoid running out. Step 3: go back into the search , continue using unknown search, (click decreased) Note: repeat steps 2 and 3 until you come down to 5 values or less). Step 5; once you get down to around 5 values, click edit all.(I'd recommend editing the values to 500 or so) Step 6, once you done that in step 5, purchase something in the shop and see your caps value sky rocket to your heart's consent. (This hack is not mine and I do not take credit.) important note; this will automatically ban you online, however, if you play offline and want to cheat, this works perfectly. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
  11. Alrighty, I'll send you some steps on how to do it in a few hours. At work currently. It's pretty ease. No technical skills needed. But keep in mind that if this will be for online, it automatically banns you.?
  12. If you sign up with an account in here you can attach files , save files, pictures, video links ,ect. In some pages back if you look, someone already has posted some modified saves. If your device is rooted susanokuu I can show you a caps hack for one of your own saves.
  13. Any update on the work around NoFear?
  14. Yes, for sure the item swap still works for online. (Type of value is double, then go into inventory, have the item you are searching for selected,then search the value. Once the search is done, select a different item in the inventory, then refine it with the value of the selected item, then edit that item when there is that single value being searched for. Drop the item, then the item value is changed). noFears item swap still works online without banning you.read that someone said it did banning them a bit ago. Shouldn't unless you follow steps correctly. NoFear, perhaps take that item swap value (an item that's actively selected in the inventory), then change the item ID to the caps Id, then drop it? eh I am not sure if I explained what I'm trying to say clearly, makes sense to me. I'll try it my self if I can find the caps item id, which I believe is posted in the earlier posts.
  15. Yes you can edit the ad caps reward. It's as soon as the value is changed you receive a ban from the server. Seems to have a database tracking how much to give from an add in my inference,once it's changed lower or higher, boom!
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