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  1. Lol, I think they accelerated releasing the version update when you posted about doing hacks for this game again. They're usually very slow with new updates. @NoFear
  2. Are you kidding? Normally when you edit the value of an address. You're directly "replacing" that value with your desired value. Normal Replace/Edit: Address value of 5- you want it to change to 7, so you enter 7 as new value Add to Value, Do not Replace: Address value of 5 - you input 7 but you checkmarked "add to value, do not replace" instead.... the 7 will get added to the original value of 5 and it becomes 12 5 + 7 = 12 - New value
  3. But there will be a time where you will be forced to update
  4. Have you managed to crack 1.7? On another note, the real whales are staying off the game cuz of the terrible response of the devs.?
  5. You need to start a new account in 1.6, hack everything you need in that new account and update to 1.7 and link to a new facebook account. In my opinion, it's just a matter of time till they check out every account. They did this by making sure actual legit whales will stop playing the game for a while because of the terrible nerfs. Now all that's left is the hackers still playing and some newbies who really have no idea what they're doing. And boom, mass wipes for the fake VIPs. _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later @Edyt_ai2005you need the corresponding obb file for that version. You don't just install the 35 mb apk, you also need the 200+ MB size obb file. Since you're playing on emulator, that means you can download the XAPK file from apkpure.com and open that file with WINRAR or 7ZIP... extract the obb file and apk file from within
  6. I think it's supposed to be possible replacing the cloud save with a new local save but when I tried it, it didn't work. Of course that was with the marked wiped account so it may not be able to do it at all. I haven't tried replacing a clean account with another newer clean account.
  7. you can just go to apkpure.com and search for HAWK: Freedom Squadron... look for the 1.6.2463 and download that one disable auto update in google playstore too
  8. Click on the orange Download.... you definitely need to install an adblocker... I recommend uBlock Origin
  9. can you show me a screenshot of the page? maybe an ad intercepted your tap/click
  10. They've shooed away even their legit whales, anyway, because of the exaggerated nerfing of planes, brobots and well everything.
  11. When was this account made? and when did you start hacking crystals on it? EDIT: PM me about it. They maybe scanning this pages for specifics.
  12. Zaidos


    Yes, "show old values for the items"! Will it also record the very first initial value of that address?
  13. There might be other ways, but I don't know about them. So for me, pretty much not possible to revert back to old versions.
  14. @beizeboppIt's simple, with the new update, they implemented a force update.
  15. nice, I guess there's different levels of risk for every hacked account
  16. Yep, essentially a reset of the account. That alt account of mine that was banned, I abused the crystal hack, so it might have been really obvious. I even reduced it to 1k crystal but they must have a counter for each purchase of the crystal bundles for the account being checked.
  17. I would not say it's a ban. It's an account wipe/rollback. You are still able to play but you have to start from the beginning again. Seems that you can't take your facebook login crystals anymore though. I forgot the message, it was quite long too. You will get a message in the mailbox.
  18. Obb file is needed too, btw @NoFear
  19. @bloodyclown20 France, all wiped then rolled back... as if starting a new account You also get to see the first usage of the mailbox... with a mail from the devs
  20. @Fight_club Used VPN to get the 1.7 update. Then signed in with the a modded account, the account gold, crystals etc got wiped... Tried playing around with the update and unlocked Patrol Stage 1 to test gold hack, I think they changed the value of the 53 coins.
  21. 1.6 or 1.7? The hacked account was caught in 1.7.
  22. Test account caught. Tried to do gold hack through xor search method... 0x4 then 53x4 no results
  23. So, are all values completely locked down now in 1.7? I'm still curious about the gold hack since it's done in a stage.
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