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  1. Thanks again for the help and i have 1 more favorite to ask for now do u or anyone of ur partners know thepink item hack and the giant or 1 hit kill hack i want to have fun with my friend1v1 modder vs modder lol hope u can help.
  2. Thank you so much it worked i knew i could count on you ur the best if u have any fun hacks i can use in deathrun portable with my friends plz tell me if u can name it thx if u cant its ok
  3. Im sorry i made u mad it was that i didnt know what to do and i thought u could help cause i cant seem to find people who can but i guess ill stop and try to find another way to hack the coins @NoFear
  4. Ik but what do i type in first and at what time do i use 444444 and were do i enter it i really dont understand sorry
  5. ok can u tell me how to do the coin hack sorry if i am bothering it just i trust u
  6. ok and i seen alot of people us the giant person hack but they never show code
  7. @NoFear what is the code to become a giant person and the code for money hack that all i need this time hope u can reply thank
  8. What is the code to be a giant and to be invisable and is there any code so i can hack my coins using game gaurdian and what is the code for a 1 hit kill
  9. how do i find the code to reduce the time for the items on deathrun portable can anyone please help
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