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  1. can you explain anti fc? use vpn and host? i dont get it and what is bypass in script
  2. @ItsSCYep i tried that then my coin revert back to 60 because thats what i recharge tried to buy extra health then change it again to 0 then the coin is not reverting back to 60. Tried to change the amount again to 60 then try to buy some iap but illegal. I dont get what you said to use only in -9999. Sorry for my bad english
  3. thanks @ItsSC for the guide i already hack the coin to 100k but when i buy blueprint in store. it says "Illegal purchase operation" haha i think iap is unhackable because the server detects it. i guess only item quantity is hackable
  4. meisterfuu

    Hungry Dragon

    One solution for me i think The only way to hack this game is backup my save use mod apk old version then buy all drag and then update again the app hehe. Btw thanks for this topic. @GWARslave119 A9 is what im playing right now high risk of ban uaing some script haha just a slight cheat to avoid it
  5. meisterfuu

    Hungry Dragon

    No luck bro tried both hungry dragon process still crashing when i try to search any random no. Select memory ranges to anonymous only but still. Haha
  6. meisterfuu

    Hungry Dragon

    I kill one of the process in gameguardian like you said but it will kill both already change my stock kernel to custom kernel (spacelemon) but no luck. Tried remove protection but hungry dragon wont open
  7. meisterfuu

    Hungry Dragon

    how can i kill the main pid? what app did you use bro
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