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  1. but what I need is to find a solution for that
  2. why can not I get Assembly-CSharp.dll file? =]] there are only other dll files and no Assembly-CSharp.dll at all, the file which is important to take what should I do? I had ask iandrohacker and G-Bo about this and they do not tell me can you tell me the solution plz, Enyby? thank you very much
  3. how can we do this with protected games? if you have a solution then plz help me dump this game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gs5.cfm thank you very much
  4. TigerOMs


    then why it works on some games? also using on that emulator
  5. TigerOMs


    the game is downloaded from google play store, there is only armeabi-v7a folder in libs forlder
  6. TigerOMs


    everything works except speed hack on Memu Emulator. I tried it with Auto Theft Gangsters and it did not work while some other games work fine. plz fix it thanks
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