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  1. right, let me check. your using latest version right?
  2. Hi, been buisy a lot. will see what I can do.
  3. XxhentaixX

    Gods of boom

    How much your willing to pay, I can give you good stuff, for examble freezing the players in the match so you can kill them. there screen will freeze and you can just shoot them.
  4. right but I do appreciate if you put credits?
  5. Hi, you modified the script and changed the menu :/
  6. finding the color is not that hard actually, but at the day I still have not found the chamz hack, cant see people through walls only at sercent spots but in a bad way. will probably take some time, the gun hacks are really nice, can shoot like 10 bullets at the same time in to 1 clip, jaja they had a anticheat on that but seems to be easy to by pass it. you really should take a look in to the guns ya can learn a lot from it how games develop some type of calculation to prevent you to override it.(way of saying)
  7. Hi Reconh, How are you doing today? I just took a quick look at the game and tried some cheats, guns cheats and other hacks are without a issue possible. It seems very possible to cheat, I'm pretty sure that there are already android cheats for it done with GG since the game don't look to hard to cheat for now, perhaps because it is still kind of new: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmY2yA1ADbQ
  8. Hi How are you doing today? I dunno the game but try the following values: value: 1.0e-7 type: float region: Ca, A, Xa value: 0.0001 value: 0.001 value: 0.01 type: float, double region: Ca, A, Xa value: 9.9999997e-10 type: float region: Cb
  9. Hello brothers and sisters, I have some theory regarding device bans and account bans on accounts. Do you think its possible to by pass a ban by kind of watching the traffic between the client and server and somehow implement it into gameguardian? By now I see that GG also can show the requests that are gone be send to the server and also those that are gone be sended to the client. I mean anything what`s coming out and in GG shows. So by theory this would mean to by pass a ban that is server sided would mean you have to manipulate the packages send between client and server and somehow by putting a hold on those packages before the request is sended to perhaps manipulate that your are actually a valid user, what change in the request also change in to GG, I did it several times before but never came up with the idea to put it into a script. I believe by theory this should be possible. I found values before that include requests sended by the server and they would give a security error due to the wrong combination or flow of the packages...by skipping specific requests you should be able to by pass a account ban without losing its data. I`m open for any theory, let me know if you have a other way to implant a bypass with GG, it should also be possible to put in to a script. I mean I did all this before but never with GG, back then by using these methods I managed to hijack in to admin accounts and other player there accounts, now it should be a nice combination with GG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBEzHgB3MPA&t=22s
  10. Hi, yes im aware of it, working on solving the issue in next update
  11. thanks but how you mean precise by 3 tear of heroes, and is there a valid function for those flags? or it simply for see the characters at max power?
  12. haha, no worry I did it my self. I believe it was a way to unlock all heroes but the game is not designed in a way to unlock all heroes, they no were show wich hero is unlocked and wich one not. It also makes all since why this game is hard to cheat, most those values you see in the game can not be found even encrypted, the real value does not change, when you search for the values that the game shows you wont find nothing or indeed only change visual..very good of the game, I also release that if I use the same hack on higher level it suddenly does not work..its like every lv has different patches for different things. and a lot of things are not showed in the game to calculate the other values or stats from characters. hmm very interesting, I gues I gone have to narrowdown the values that I already found and slowly level up to miss not anything of the game, so i'm just saying this is not gone be done in 1,2,3
  13. and the game is actually very fun..i like the game, LoL see the lock, mind explain?
  14. I see, well I will need to play the game a bit langer because there are many things in the game I do not understand, I hope you can explain it for me. in video 1 I show you how to do multiple combos at once but were can I see how much time it takes? does the game shows any status, and also I realeased that characters can be locked or something, were does that stand. so much stuff in the game and I aint used to playing this kind of games. so I would appreciate if I get some info, like for examble with the pvp was very handful info. the most annoying part about this game is that a proper group search is barely possible because the game ceep changing majure values..like to different addresses in stead of the same range..vey annoying thing that I never encounterd before. , I mean not like this, anyway. please give me some more info about the game, all can help. oh yeah, and is there a place were I can se every character of the game?
  15. video 1: https://youtu.be/meiVpAZRbxo maby try that link
  16. I understand your a new by and been following your post so I do appreciate you cheating that game, and I look in your script and I see you have a total different code then mine so I totally respect you and see and appreciate your work, I met a lot of copy pastes so i'm happy to see this, see this script: https://gameguardian.net/forum/files/file/904-slitherio-hack/ how comes you searched in A :double?
  17. I putted the video on private, if niccesairy I just lock it, BTW, I think you need to see this 2 videos, I will explan: video 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meiVpAZRbx I go in Arcane labyrinth(the same place were my heath/attack and shield does not seem to work), but I changed the time between combo attacks so I can do them way quicker after 1 attack, and then when I do them the server seems to receive it very well and says I won. video 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIYouQVNq6Y then I test the hack in video 2 in the online modus against other players and there it let me finish the match but it says I already lost, so that means according to my theory that they already have my status of my characters rather when I started the game or its when I choose a player, this would mean you have to know when there is a check on your account, to change status of characters before the game runs its check for online modus..
  18. No problem, appreciate the support and thanks for subscribing!
  19. that's me, the server does not detected it in campain, and in other modes it said sometimes that it could not render the data, so server detected it but there was a other time that the server did not detect it, so its really interesting but the server does not detect everything. but anyway for now I have to play the game more to have a way better understanding of the logic of this kind of games because its y first time to hack this type of games...i`m more for shooting games and I have been unactive for a pretty long time...we will see how will go but its worth the effort.
  20. Please watch the video, it is hackable, but its gone be not that easy to do it proper. [added 1 minute later] and it is campain, I do not have acces yet to online..server detecting a lot of stuff..
  21. the game looks actually very interesting and less secured then clash of clans, gone give it a try, aint sure tough but only know when trying :D
  22. how is the community there in game?
  23. XxhentaixX

    Guns of boom

    Hi, can anyone lend me a help, im looking for a player that pla Guns of Boom, I need to test something in game, but need spectating of other player from other location. Just PM me, thanks.
  24. I have issue with 2 step verification, I need to scan code but I don't have it anywere. I was only able to sign in in to my device, but on the others its not possible and if I want to change the security settings on my account I have to do the 2 step verification..im not able to link it with my google account because it gives some error when trying to go to google..
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