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  1. At that time i am already in region Anonymous. When you restart the game you can't use the same addresses as reference for the value you found in A. It is on a different address each time. You can find the value in A by searching the class name in region Other. Other -> Ca -> A On every restart of game you can use the string you found in region Other to find back the value in A. which is hand full if the value in A always is changing or if you can't make a group search.
  2. you can get the method in Xa, yes, but different pointer structure.
  3. For now people will need to watch through the provided link. The company that i used the example shut down every video which reach common used platforms. So i think its fine like this. People have access to it any time. Will later look for a re upload on a more efficient platform.
  4. it just has been updated. Some changes in value searching. the falling through floor did not seem efficient. Now you should not be able to fall through floor.
  5. Can you try this script? com.miHoYo.GenshinImpact.lua
  6. Site rules. Just got a ban for breaking it. Do you have discord? If so send me. Will reply you there. Do you receive security alert at startup or is it when you activate the function in the script?
  7. can you make a video of what happens.
  8. i usually not modify other script. You should ask creator.
  9. Not sure if all the info is all correct but in the general concept information is never 100% so it can always be questioned but i think its good enough for people to start doing some research with the keywords provided in the video. If people rather keep the knowledge for them self most of humanity would still be in the stoneage. Im glad to simply see videos appear now and then of some basic GG. Because the average GG user does not go further then searching a coint. Which i find sad and its a waste of potentional growth as an individual. By using gameguardian a individual that has nothing to do with any programming or hardware whatsoever will suddenly be introduced all kinds of those fields. I really wonder why people not take that oppurtinity to grab that knowledge. No, instead they prefer to stay in the stone age. Learn nothing. Others will do everything for them. I don't accept this unreasonable mindset. Let them watch tutorials so that they learn how to do it them self.
  10. yes xposed. error after changing value?
  11. in this Genshin impact tutorial you will see how coordinates of objects as bullets, bots...etc changes using gameguardian. Trajectory of projectiles have been altered.
  12. Do you know what the default FPS settings are for the game? 30 or 60 or other? We can debug the apk for see the FPS if needed and search for Delta Time of a function and through that do no CoolDown and see if that would work.
  13. Have you considered deleting the facebook app and install a facebook APK from a trusted source on the web? Delete the current facebook app from the VMOS PRO and install the facebook APK from the web using the VMOS PRO browser: https://androidapksfree.com/facebook/com-facebook-katana/ Then sign in to the facebook app. Then see if you can sign in to the game using your facebook account. Perhaps, we can try. Can you post a video or screenshot of the skill you want to modify.
  14. There is a misunderstanding. This tutorial video explains how the speed value can be found from scratch. I simply used the same method as in this video that i provided to you: https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/32510-how-to-find-your-own-speedhack-value-for-almost-any-game/ But i already found the speed value for you. Past this in the search: 1.0F;0.33333334327F;0.02999999933F::9 You can then see a value 1.0, edit that value.
  15. in this screenshot you have 1 086 141 results in total. (see your right corner) But gameguardian will only show you 100 results, that's by default. You can change that. see 3:49 of the video. 100/1,068,141 100 equals the amount of results visible in the result list 1,068,141 equals the amount of results you found in total by searching 1.0 float. if you change 100 to for example 1000 then that means that you will have 1000 results visible in the result list.
  16. No, apologize. I only tried to indicate the requirements. However they were not in chronological order. Most of it you already did correct. However, when you search the speed value you first have to do a groups search, you past this in the search bar: 1.0F;0.33333334327F;0.02999999933F::9 You will see 3 results. the value 1.0 is your speed value. You can edit that to your liking.
  17. Past the group search in the gameguardian search bar. Then edit 1.0 to the speed you want. For example 2.0
  18. In this tutorial you can keep finding fire rate value using class name, pointer and offsets, A script can be made for this and a group search as well. if any questions don't hesitate for reply on this topic.
  19. You found the speedhack value but your not able to do a group search?
  20. Hmm, perhaps old post, but i like to know how you found that value. I saw a other video of yours as well in which you found jump hack. Not that i can't find it now but at the release time of this video GG had not such a advance features yet compared with now. So how did you found it in 2017 ? what methods did you use for find it.
  21. Well it is in the video explained. Search the class name from the dump.cs in region other. Then copy the address of the first char of the string and search it in Ca, unless your on emulator on which Ca is 0.0MB so for that you have to search the address in Anonymous. Use qword if the address is 64bit or dword if the address is 32bit. Watch the video and ask questions according to the video. I won't writhe the bible when there is a video. Put the time frame in which you have a question. You can reply here. You will have the help where it is possible..
  22. View File Genshin Impact Script posted for educational purposes. Each option in the script has a tutorial on how the values are found. You can find the link to the videos when opening the script. script could get updates. Features: Jump distance Skill cool down Attack teleport kill all prove: Submitter XxhentaixX Submitted 12/30/2021 Category LUA scripts  
  23. Version 1.1.1


    Script posted for educational purposes. Each option in the script has a tutorial on how the values are found. You can find the link to the videos when opening the script. script could get updates. Features: Jump distance Skill cool down Attack teleport kill all prove:
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