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  1. GG has a speedhack. are you forgot that feature? speedhack help you to fast forward even the time countdown. if you used that before you wrote here your problem. i don't think if there's a script can do that.
  2. Maochi

    GG not finding game

    download and install to your unroot phone this .. Parallel Space + 32-Bit Support + 64-Bit Support (#6mvxe3e9)
  3. i managed to hack this, i choose soul instead gold. you can hack this game through check-in rewards. then search this 10;1000;3;30 group search using D-Words. after result has appeared. look the checkin rewards if where days you now? example me. day 1. that's why i edit that. first on day 1 is 10 souls they giving to you. and i search again after result of group has appear. i choose 10 then refine. after result has refined the 10 you can edit selected like the screnshot. then choose the right value (ex.38) edit the value as you want. and then tadaaaa... . then uncheck the right value then back the other values on 10. to avoid error. then tap the value you edited and tap the go to. all rewards for check-in are stored there. so goodluck! have a nice day dear.
  4. Maochi

    Rage Realm

    It is Posible to edit the memory of Rage Realm? i'll try all . but didn't change the value. what do you think?
  5. nice video, i have a question. where or how do you get/find the coupon value (18 the value on green coupon)? thankyou advance
  6. Maochi


    what unrandomizer do? i watched the video from @Enyby, but still i'm confused how randomizer works. ex. i run unrandomizer on the game. then the green check has on app. then i open some chest which is random rewards. now how do i unrandomizer works with chest rewards(random) ? sorry for my question.
  7. if you don't know how to manage that playerblob.json. i suggest to people who like to hack this game. search the value of gold and ruby. search using FLOAT. then edit as you want.
  8. Maochi

    Blade Crafter

    You can search the value of gems, runes, crafting materials. through encrypted value of Dwords. but the Gold is very hard to find for me. so i used the gems to buy gold on shop. i freeze the gem value. to not decreasing my gems. goodluck and enjoy! note: if you try to search the crafting material. choose 1 copper material search it through encrypted. mining again then search until you get the right value. then goto and you'll see a lot of no. there. from copper then tsik down upto 10. then edit them like on my screenshot. enjoy! have a nice day.
  9. after editing, connect the game in your facebook, then open the game on your IOS. then connect to fb. done. goodluck?
  10. sad to know that. i tried that after i saw your reply. but .. yes you're right. @NoFear it's expert that. i think he help you.
  11. The Sims™ Mobile - hack currency, XP, items - GameGuardian (#9ivvnwc7) You Can Try this Method. if nothings happen. try again. sometimes the value didn't show. i'll tried this before i think 2-3. and success.. goodluck ?
  12. Maochi

    Meow Match

    Problem Solved! i can managed how to hack this.
  13. Maochi

    Meow Match

    @NoFear if you have time can you please try this. if ever you have time, sorry i bother you. thankyou advance.
  14. Maochi

    Hungry Dragon

    Ahh.. i see, anyway thankyou ..
  15. Maochi

    Hungry Dragon

    @NoFear can you give a tutorial how to, bypass this game protection. please. advance thankyou
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