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  1. Someone remembers the final Ducati R & D code, because I forgot and I can not get the parameterization to hack today's R & D
  2. From lab 3 the R & D code is failing to find, does anyone know what the code would be to find lab races 3 onwards?
  3. So this Script already pulls even without upgrading it?
  4. Does anyone know the code of the last R & D? I forgot and I'm not meeting here in the forum ?
  5. Has anyone updated their new vehicle IDs for the new update? @Enyby Willll you need to update the Lua Script due to new update, are you forecast when it will be available?
  6. I'm using Offline and sometimes online and I had no problems. @Enyby Came the Falcon EDD, so with this Script I can do the races without problems !? What's going on, right? (just a question)
  7. Thank you @Enyby, you are incredible, my congratulations and thank you for providing such a wonder to use in the game
  8. @Enyby The account you used in the video has not been banned until now because it used the script online. So you can use online, because elite cars, only to use online. Isso Used Speedhack!!! Thanks
  9. I who had no patience and did not pay attention, sorry the personal exaltation, worked correctly from 395 stars to 1260 in 2 hours !.
  10. Apparently it will not be banned, because the Ghosts are not sent is the masters release, it only affects your saved game, so you can do it without fear, but I prefer to do Offline, the way the GL plays pieces
  11. I tried updating the Script yesterday, and it was not, following the steps and it was not any
  12. This is the best Script, you are afraid of the race, because the ghost is going to the server and the time (00: 00: 000) can be a problem, but the master and TAG is an immense advantage, apart from R & D and Enduro, congratulations!
  13. Does anyone know the Mercedes R & D code?
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