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  1. As far as i know, you can't hack a certain car(s). you can only obtain them by purchasing them or winning them on their own event, other method will get you ban. The script provided by @Enyby works all the time for me - but my personal advise is not to run the script more than once, if you need to (re)run another event script (e.g. you have two events currently active) you need to restart the game first to reset the previous alteration. Also, all server-sided stuff (tokens, BP, permanent pro upgrade, licenses) can't be alter thru our GameGuardian app, even if you did this will not sync on your game data the next time you connect the game online. You can alter the Pro upgrade of the car temporarily but it can only run on their own event (R&D, EDD, championship or World Tour), never run them on TLE and MP - this will put you to cheaterboard (CB) and eventually, ban. At least we can do the trick for Free class upgrades, credits, ET and Max upgrade. Lastly, never ever make an alteration to the Mastery rewards. This will surely ban you when you claim it. I lost many account due to this. This is all based from my experience, please correct me @Enyby if there are part that I'm wrong.
  2. use the script instead, it's safe from ban. already tried it.
  3. @Enyby have you tried it on McLaren X2 championship? Did your account (or dummy account) get banned?
  4. So here's the championship for mclaren X2, does the script still works for this event? Does anyone have tried it and didn't get banned?
  5. I think the timejump functionality to unlock labs doesn't work anymore, i have tried it many times for 3 devices. It will show the lab 4 unlocked banner but it doesn't really syncing.
  6. so, here we go again. may i know the car ids of new cars? and if possible, the starting event id of the RnD.
  7. I see, sorry for that. Anyhow, I come up with another way to generate ETs, by modifying collection rewards. If anyone had already realized that modifying mastery rewards to get a lot of ET will only fall to being ban, this method I discovered is still safe. If anyone interested I would gladly help you.
  8. Hi @Enyby which other methods can we make a credits or ETs other than modifying mastery reward?
  9. Hi@Enyby it seems like modifying a mastery reward will totally lead you to ban (tried more than twice on my dummy accounts). So I'm wondering if we can instead modify the car collection rewards, the credits, ET, free upgrades. For modifying ET rewards, actually, I made a search to one of the credit rewards on the car collection (since that finding a small integer ET reward is hard) hoping that if I could search it, I could just goto to it then scroll down a little and find the ET rewards count. and modify it before I claim it. But unfortunately, I can't find the ET count. Do you have any idea to get it done? or at least a a search group to search with?
  10. Hi @Enyby do you have the car ids for new vehicles? apollos and bike.
  11. Do you know perhaps the id of the first test of just arrived audi rnd? @Enyby
  12. What could be the race id for this M2 SE event? so that we can skip the last AI which requiring a high rank and also skip some difficult race. The goal is, to get this car in a low rank as possible.
  13. what is the code for test 01 of pagani gt r&d?
  14. thank you so much for the quick response bud ?
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