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  1.  @zam535582 @Jimeous thank you very much to both of you with all of your explainations, with zam's simple way and jim's details. The point for this game is do NOT be TOO greedy. In this kind of game, it should be around 0-999 (3 digits) for the value of rare item (such as ticket), its just to be safe in my opinion. You can always FREEZE the value, but dont adding more value to the limit so you will not get the ban. And for the value, the rare item (i just called it rare, such as group item and ticket,etc that you will not get it so easy) have an unique value. Its not like you input "10" then the output will come as "10" too, the simple value is for search purpose, not for the hack output. Especially for the 3 addresses that Jim's mentioned it above. what it was called? XOR or somethin use offset calculator, but we dont have to think about it. I just give some numbers of value that make it work and save to your progress (It doesnt reset even if you close the game). First, you search the value of some rare item you want to hack, in this case the job ticket as example. We have 3 job ticket, new search 3 --> spend 1 jobticket, search 2 (refine) --> spend 1 more, search 1 (refine)--> it will show you 1 address, click it and press GoTo. You will find the addresses like Jim's said With Jim's guide before : (x)B417A178 - this is the first value that we will change (y)BA17A17C - This is the value that was found when it was Searched (z)B417A180 - and this is the second value we change right after the first one (x). Click the (x) address, and choose DWORD, then input the number, after that do it for (z) too : (x) 1,679,760,649 (y) 1,679,760,637 - for value of 500. (x) 1,708,878,270 (y) 1,708,878,298 - for value of 100. I just give you 2 combinations for value because it seems fine until now (no ban), you can always freeze it (free the two of them, not just one). and of course the value will save to your progress. Checkout for Jim's and Zam's comments in this post for the better learning. Sorry if it not so simple, i just cant get the word to describe it. Yang indo (saya liat ada iklan gojek tu hahaha) pokoknya mah ini buat tiket dan group item biar ke save jumlah itemnya di game. sebenernya buat Job juga bisa, asal udah kebuka(atau sempet dapet dari job tiket) tuh job nya. contohnya bisa buat duplikat A rank champion, asal udah pernah dapet. kalo belom mah gambarnya kekunci.
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