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  1. in case someone didn't know that alfa bunker can be reset https://androidrepublic.org/forum/threads/last-day-on-earth-hack-time-bunker-alpha-1-5-7.40142/
  2. @Saxyanimal i tried it just now and it still works, dont forget to check "add to value" box when you edit value. try again
  3. @Fire_Blaze how much coin do you have now? The easiest way is: Scan your coins value in double Narrow down result by do something Edit all value to anything you want, check "add to value" box Restart your game
  4. @Fire_Blaze i just tell you that. It is a value that related to your item and it random everytime you restart your game. Just call it "random value". Bro dont overthinking.
  5. See that dword value - 20D is your item number in inventory or stash. - 226D is? I dunno what it called. Let's say random value because it random everytime you restart your game. Don't overthink it. You just need to freeze those value to dupe item. It works with skill point too, but skill point value is in double not dword and random value in dword but 2 lines above. Freeze it and you get unlimited skill point.
  6. @3113 just suicide once to reset value
  7. @Krakken do you have each weapon durability value? it will help narrow down searching process..
  8. You can manipulate coins, defense and skill point by change one value with each other for example you have 1 mil coins so you can change your defense and skill point to 1 mil or vice versa: Seach current skill point with double anonymous Make some change to skill point so you get 1 result, go to selected address Save a value 2nd line above skill point address. the one with dword value. So now you get 2 value, one is skill value in double and second is a dword value. Locate coins value which is 8th line below skill point value address Now you can change gold or skill point. replace each value to their respective value. double to double and dword to dword. You can change defense with this method too or maybe other value that have same double-dword pattern. I hope you understand my bad english.. lul..
  9. Name of Requested File: Heroes Infinity: Gods Future Fight Link To Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.divmob.heroesinfinity&hl=in Is the game server-sided: This game can be played offline Comments: I try to hack but lead to crashing the game Need hack: gold, gem, key, stamina and others
  10. I just found this method to hack gold 1. Search your gold for example 25, value is double 2. Walk around, pick something or do anything 3. Refine your search 4. Edit all value with something big. IMPORTANT: Check "add to value, do not replace" box 5. Finish by leaving area and then reload your game.. Voila!!
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