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  1. No, gayloft fixed it very long time ago, i think they killed all clone account and hack credit (including me xD). I'm not playing this game anymore, so i don't know more about new update, but u may try to glitch some credit with duel match. Use another phone n play new account untill u reach level 30, then use gg hack your credits and make duel match with 50 cre, then use your main account to join that match
  2. There are few way to hack credit and clone some very old account, but i think gayloft fixed all of it, i have 12 hacked account, 11 of them is dead, only 1 was survive, im not sure about any other account or clone
    Password is gwm, for someone need to repeat it again ?
  3. Download root checker from play store to know your phone is rooted or not, if not, search and download kingo root from google then try to root
  4. Its here https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3LBFxIgOrOQZ1JhVUdGWk1IWUU But im not sure it can work on newest update
  5. I found this guy in auto farm tool with cheat engine in pc, but when i try to search 150 in float, its about more than 300 results is showed, when i try to edit to -10, the game is dead
  6. Hi everyone, im trying to find out safe way to hack modern combat 5. In singleplayer map, i can change rewards number, but my moneys still like no hack. In multiplayer, i can find diamonds, but cant change it; credits is unable to find. I think credits hack is impossible. So can we hack always double rewards like cheat engine in pc? Because when we make new account, we have 102% to get double rewards, but then it down to 2%. This address not change so much, i cant find it
  7. MisterD


    Please help me, im using lg g3 android 7.1.1 (aicp rom), game guardian crash with any game or application when i turn on speed cheat, all system lag, this thing begin when im using android n
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