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  1. Bump. Still the same issue. Haven't found a workaround yet
  2. Reviving this since we need an update on this game. Every time I attempt to edit values by switching between GG and game the game logs or locks out. Anyone have experience with this happening in other games?
  3. As per Therionq's link above, credit goes to poster on that forum https://www.alphagamers.net/members/darkcafe.111136/ Also, found a piece of 20s level legendary gear that had exp stat on it and I got the hack to work. Don't know how to put a Stat on gear yet, just been messing with existing stats on varying pieces. more to follow when I find a way
  4. Playstorelinkhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.makingfun.mageandminions Req: - ROOTED Device for Gameguardian UnHidden Content:
  5. @NoFear @Therionq Thanks for the help guys, just tried new method and works great for gems, haven't tried gear yet as I don't know how to hack exp in new version but once I do I'll max a char and try the gear one! Cheers!
  6. @NoFear I know you're probably busy and working full time job just like the rest of us, just wanna say thanks for your efforts and any update is great but if not we understand. I checked out your vids for sim city buildit and have been playing that while waiting on this one. Thanks for all the contributions!
  7. So, this won't be a complete solution but I have been doing this for months with kotor for android. All you need to do is a bit of Google searching to find out that the android version is based on the PC version and though there is no keyboard functionality built in for the console cheats, most are still use able through the KOTOR Save Editor (KSE). How to use it: https://m.reddit.com/r/kotor/comments/2qqflc/how_to_use_save_editor_with_android_save_file/ A note is that when locating the saveggie files after your copied the com folder to your HD is that it must be mapped to the 'files' subfolder. After that the item codes are the same and feats/attributes/power can be modified as such. Itemporary list here: http://m.ign.com/faqs/2006/star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic-item-cheat-lists-712097 Any more issues arise a quick Google search should suffice but if you're stuck just send me a PM. Happy Hacking!
  8. @Enyby is there capacify in GG for a running audit log system of the last say 50 cmds and variables modified prior to a crash?
  9. Anyone who actually succeeds in hacking this can you PM me your friend code?
  10. Just tried all the hacks on http://androidrepublic.org/forum/threads/tutorial-hack-mage-and-minions-get-lots-of-gems-gold-champions-and-heroes-levels-root.14789/ and none of them worked for me though much of that string is base on the gem hack to start with. Also checked out the thread at https://www.alphagamers.net/threads/mage-and-minions-gems-hack.144370/page-5 Seems like even early this year folks were having troubles with it and now it's been patched? Tried with other achievements firestarter and tesla no go. Deleted game data and retried, no go. Uninstalling and tried again, no go. Sorry guys thus might be dead!
  11. Thanks dude, really new to game guardian and I am trying to learn more from the forums but I just don't have a deep enough background in this to understand the way things are built well enough to manipulate them. Really appreciate the help and can't wait to see what you find!
  12. Seem to be having issues with this methoday in new version of game. Causes crashes repeatedly when getting down to the 275-300 range of 50 value edits. Any update on this? Running ver 1.2.9 on android 6.1 os with GG 8.8.1 Any suggestions would be great in pm or below.
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