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  1. circleous

    LUA scripting

    I know about this file format thingy, while I'm reversing a crackme, need to dump some memory region and analyze it, you can't see file name but only structure, yep. Well, I've dealt with a silly C library enforcing the full path name and file format to follow the docs style. Thats where my faithful to example in docs begin, lol.
  2. circleous

    LUA scripting

    prompt(table, [table, [table]]) Default value for input table is nil, you don't need to add [1]''
  3. circleous

    LUA scripting

    :/ I just started learning LUA this morning. Community Documentation said File format was .lua. dont bully plox. Thanks for info tho. But the table.load and table.save isn't usable right? Tried it many times, but seems like its just an empty function (nil)
  4. circleous

    LUA scripting

    An example for File I/O operation still primitive, but you could use your own wrapper for that. since GG will add lua import in future so that table.save and table.load can be used thus the complex File I/O wrapper somewhat not needed.
  5. circleous

    LUA scripting

    Please add somehthing like Kill the script process. I got into infinite loop by mistake while debug the script.
  6. circleous

    LUA scripting

    Finally. Now this make GG more powerful. Any documentation to GG script library yet? EDIT: I guess the first post is enough.
  7. Afaik, all android emulators are x86/x86_64. You can check it via terminal command, "uname -m".
  8. I just noticed this recently, some high end netmarble games, run nmcore on some devices. Tested on multiple emulator on windows. the binary is deleted afterward. Might investigate this further.
  9. xc3 uses getInstalledPackage and running process scan. Maybe you can null it.
  10. Improve the anti-detection and this tools is op. Atleast, if the game aren't server sided.
  11. All the darksword update mostly just adding more and stable protection. So, thats why it doesnt force user to update.
  12. Keep the topic clean from any discussion
  13. Okay, this is correction for my reply at that forum. Many games store Game scene code at encypted lua files and Player control at sharedlib. This isnt applied to all games. And if the symbols are stripped from sharedlib, you need gdb/gdbserver to find correct offset.
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