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  1. Get a one problem with asphalt à±®

    I am using adaway application it's working on everywhere but with asphalt 😐 not, well i will be try to patch that asphalt 8 with lucky patcher
  2. Get a one problem with asphalt à±®

    I got it enyby it's asphalt 8 appreciate issue it's have soo much ads that's why this app freez on that place 😐 i hate this now it's too much ads after every race ad pop up ... It's d*** bad 😐 but sorry enyby for disturbing you. Really sorry
  3. Get a one problem with asphalt à±®

    Here it's mobizen_20171203_024536_s01.mp4 _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later Sorry i uploading now because my network is only working good at this time ..
  4. Get a one problem with asphalt à±®

    Enyby i also did this but.... Okay i will be upload a video for better explanation 😶
  5. Well when i try to slow asphalt 8 game totally freeze..Whyyyyyy?? Anyone else facing this problem..
  6. lmao 😂 enyby your right buddy 👍 well scrip working in all Edd events well thanks buddy for your hard work 😎
  7. hi everyone

    a sad new my asphalt 8 account banned 🤧 after done Edd event
  8. hi everyone 👍

    well few persons knew me ready... 👍👍👍👍😅😅😅😅😅 well I respect you guys atleast you guys reply and try to know and try to solve the problems those we get well mostly I get problems 😛😛😛
  9. Asphalt 8: Airborne Database

    thanks price well I tried (before I see your this post ) in that time after edit value game f.c when the al challenge rage loaded. well thanks I will be try 👍
  10. how to hack Call of duty heroes game

    is that game working without internet ???
  11. Asphalt 8: Airborne Database

    use a token car is kind a easy hack that's one of old video uploaded by enyby well I guess it's it's just need shit the that car value with token car 😅 and after restarting a game. well I got a problem by with that in my account this car behaviour is change into normal car 😅 but it's okay... and yes yes I enyby can you tell me how to beat ghost in r&d well if just remove the ghost only just as like we remove other racers 😅😅😅
  12. Asphalt 8: Airborne - hack upgrades - GameGuardian

    enyby a guy say here few days ago he got banned by try to do mastery. well licence is server reward I guess we can't hide this too much 😐
  13. I ask only this.what was the use of those location codes 😅 I saw you uploaded location codes but what is the use of that and how we can be use that..
  14. wait a sec you can be slow down game you will be get good control on cars.. but if you think about applying this on multiplayer race you cant be I tested this in multiplayer mode for reach finish line 1st so I up speed of game I got 1st finish line but I got disqualified