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  1. A11a10n3m3

    Asphalt 8: Airborne Database

    Well sorry to read this someone's account is banned. Well in simple way don't use script for become top in list of online event that's a bad idea. Better you have to restart the game before you going to play online event. It's okay if you not become 1st in online event but other side you will be never be banned. Enyby is right buddy you need to start again totally fresh start don't be sad you will be get all things in 4 hours well BP I never tried and i not suggest to you for get the BP cars just wait for event you will be get that BP cars and others. Oh yes enyby i have a small question how that guy is able to make time 9secs in a online event. Well is he will be get banned or not that's my question. Well i not want to do that i am happy with my position
  2. A11a10n3m3

    Little help need about asphalt 8

    Oh sorry buddy for so late reply well you can be change earning points and change the tasks if you know the event id. That's safe way i know. ... _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later Enyby what is the BMW hommage r & d event id ...
  3. A11a10n3m3

    Little help need about asphalt 8

    Thank you
  4. A11a10n3m3

    Little help need about asphalt 8

    Id of new event BMW s1000 RR
  5. A11a10n3m3

    Asphalt8 v3.4.0k

    Hmmm do one thing ... Try to play with new profile fresh.. if game data files are are damage then game will be crash.. well you can msg to developers about it but don't tell them you have hacked boosters and upgrade. Just simply tell me game is crashing before start the game .. they will be explain much better.. well as i know they will be say to you redownload whole game again. And after try to play ... Well msgs them...
  6. A11a10n3m3

    Little help need about asphalt 8

  7. Anyone know about new pagani huayra BC R&D event id.. i like old way for hack
  8. A11a10n3m3

    Asphalt8 v3.4.0k

    No problem but one thing i want to know is you hacked any elite car ???
  9. A11a10n3m3

    Asphalt8 v3.4.0k

    Yes well hview do one thing.. format your phone hard format i mean not soft and after redownload asphalt 8. What is you android version ?
  10. A11a10n3m3

    Get a one problem with asphalt ౮

    I am using adaway application it's working on everywhere but with asphalt not, well i will be try to patch that asphalt 8 with lucky patcher
  11. A11a10n3m3

    Get a one problem with asphalt ౮

    I got it enyby it's asphalt 8 appreciate issue it's have soo much ads that's why this app freez on that place i hate this now it's too much ads after every race ad pop up ... It's d*** bad but sorry enyby for disturbing you. Really sorry
  12. A11a10n3m3

    Get a one problem with asphalt ౮

    Here it's mobizen_20171203_024536_s01.mp4 _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later Sorry i uploading now because my network is only working good at this time ..
  13. A11a10n3m3

    Get a one problem with asphalt ౮

    Enyby i also did this but.... Okay i will be upload a video for better explanation
  14. Well when i try to slow asphalt 8 game totally freeze..Whyyyyyy?? Anyone else facing this problem..