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  1. holste7

    The sims mobile

    Hi I keep getting 10 digits instead of 9 should I keep trying til the one in front disappears?
  2. holste7

    The sims mobile

    Yes. Please ? Thanks for your hard work. Makes gaming much better?
  3. Hello! Jus wondering if you posted how to hack this and i may have missed it... I tried following the other posters suggestions but im having no success. If you would, could you please instruct me how to hack this? Thx
  4. How do I hack XP again?... Do I redo all the steps in the first video to give myself 2000 XP at a time? Or was I supposed to do it in the first hack with the Gold and Keys? sorry to be a pest but i figured it out again...
  5. Regarding the first video, i am having trouble getting the value to change from 700 to 722... How did you do that? I did the exact same thing in your video but value stays at 700 for Gold. Hello again! I figured it out... Thanks again so much
  6. Hello! Thanks a bunch! This guide is totally awesome. Will this work with the version
  7. holste7

    SimCity Build IT

    @EnybyOk, cool. No problem at all... Thanks
  8. holste7

    SimCity Build IT

    Okay... I have PM d2dyno couple of times and he doesn't reply to me... Not sure why. Either way I guess ill have to wait, no problem!
  9. holste7

    SimCity Build IT

    It says I dont have permission to see this content.
  10. holste7

    SimCity Build IT

    Hi! I saw you posted this... I was wondering if there could be something wrong with my profile or if I need VIP status... But what you posted is in an infinite loading cycle.., All im seeing is the little loading circle... Any ideas?
  11. holste7

    SimCity Build IT

    Hello has this thread been made public and moved from VIP yet?
  12. holste7

    SimCity Build IT

    Hi! Could you direct me to your guide? The guide that was suggested ( 4pda)is a little difficult to understand/follow. Thx
  13. holste7

    SimCity Build IT

    yes it's working now! Thanks a bunch
  14. holste7

    SimCity Build IT

    thank you... i clicked on the link you gave, but it doesnt seem to be working. I appreciate your reply though☺
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