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  1. @punkaZcan you explain how to use the damage hack please thank you very much.
  2. really brother? @blastepic great send it to your mailbox in your profile friend I have the new code of the ESP and I will send it and together we will do what these bureaucrats of @XxhentaixX forgot by greed to help others to make the game more fair since those who buy Gold is believed to be Gods for having those weapons purchased. and help the community hopefully we can expel from the community these sucks money
  3. Exactly @punkaZwe appreciate you very much friend and the whole community is with you and will support you in your way to be a genius. I am from a mediocre and poor country I am humble like many others and that likes this game but that the rich with their purchased weapons ruin for us. I considered @Zaiaapiz a Hero for me and many with their work towards more just the game. Until this guy came @XxhentaixX and seduced him with money and sold himself. Now you are our only hero. thanks for the script @punkaZ the community appreciates you very soon we will find the codes for the maximum ammunition and ESP. I found a script for a Russian that has everything updated including the ESP and I would like to give it to you so you can add the code to your script.
  4. Thank you very much @punkaZ excellent work. I hope that if you can add ESP or Max ammo someday Thanks again you are really a genius Greetings.
  5. @zaiaapiz we had faith in you I am humble I have no credit card or anything and I appreciate your effort if I could pay for the script but I can not and many who believed you our hero you fell hopefully you will be on the side of the town, thanks for the previous script I wish it were free as before but I understand it is impossible
    it no longer works after the 4.9.0 update of the game and the saddest thing is that you will not update it. This was a great tool for us, it made us more just the game. Anyway thanks for the wonderful script is truly a genius, hopefully have time and update it to the new database. regards
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