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  1. I'm debating on VIP. (don't care about VIP content, just want to support the app) In a vip section the idea of learning to do anything with Android programming sounds good, not "oh my God, got to get vip!" but good. You could do things such as vip's getting early access to updates for gg (2-5 days) or allow updated game mods to be released the same way. It sounds Like your doing the bulk of the work so, you need trusted people to delegate some menial work to, (vip members who have shown their dedication) allow members the opportunity to become vip (1month) simply by uploading modded games that your moderators check for exclusivity and functionality. Add a lottery based vip option that puts vip members who donate monthly (a set minimum to cover cost) to win real money or prizes. Allow members to donate said prizes for vip (1 month, if a donated prize is offered then allow anyone to enter the lottery for $1). People pay for stuff, your giving it freely now and to change that would hurt people who get gg because they don't want to spend. 99¢ for that awesome sword. So i believe this would help tremendously.
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