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  1. Same. [added 1 minute later] Also your device must have 64-bit Android.
  2. Try read description. You MUST uninstall first version from Play if it installed.
  3. Enyby

    Need help badly...

    Server-sided game. If something going wrong - reload data from server.
  4. Enyby

    Im just curious

    No any difference. I like append few chars in name and upload duplicates.
  5. Not. It is very difficult to find a game for hacking under a given criterion. Takes too much time.
  6. Enyby


    Use getValue/setValue calls with increase value on desired amount in loop.
  7. Try. I think your device with small amount of ram. Or present some memory killer/cleaner.
  8. Set "data in memory" to "no".
  9. Hack is simple but long. Start fuzzy search dword at start level. If ball change state - fire to usual or back it is fuzzy changed. In other case it is fuzzy unchanged. After lot of refine you have few results. Freeze it on fire state and you get effect as in video.
  10. So you do not know what you are asking. The video shows the contents of the GG settings file.
  11. You can not read GG prefs file. It is not a bug. As intended.
  12. Enyby

    Script wrong

    1. Scripts work always in English locale. So 0.5 must use dot, not a comma. 2. You must check count of found results. Not blind load all and work with it. It can be zero results. So you try index not exists results and all go to hell.
  13. Enyby

    Script wrong

    Use refineNumber instead of second searchNumber.
  14. Enyby

    Script wrong

    Use refineNumber if you need refine.
  15. Enyby

    how to use luajava

    No support for luajava in GG.
  16. What problem? Video need too. And maybe recorded script with explanation what wrong. Logcat do not cancel detailed explanation.
  17. IDK. Maybe bug for render checkbox state in this emulator/firmware. For me all ok in LDPlayer.
  18. I do not understand you. Record video with issue.
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