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  1. This looks interesting, curious if this kind of service could revert any other errors like editing friendship values which are not yet implemented, e.g. Hagrid.
  2. App could be tampered locally and then data is synchronized with server, when any input you made is not correct and returns backend exception app will close. Until user finds way to revert it back (nearly impossible) app will keep crashing. There is no possibility to fix that easier. Probably account is lost, because writing to support is risky when you tried to tamper any value. Network sniffisniffing won't work, as it is hard to capture any request. It could be possible to mock game that data is valid, but I haven't found a way to do this. So, to sum things up, it is not game itself broken. Reinstalling won't work, this issues are caused by broken "savegame" which is synchronized on server-side.
  3. Same way like any other value, it was explained in this thread multiple times
  4. Hi! Anyone has succeded in unlocking spells from missed events? I'm mainly addressing this question to NoFear and Helskrim. Thanks in advance!
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