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  1. İ try but can't be hack
  2. İ need too this game hack with gameguardian [added 0 minutes later] İ Now downloading game i try it if can i be hack write here
  3. goldenkaramel

    Enyby help!

    Please send first logcat.
    exit err: sh: <stdin>[1]: /data/data/com.parallel.space.pro.arm64/parallel_pro/0/gg.ceserver/files/ceserver_x86: not executable: 32-bit ELF file err: exit What this error message? How to fix it?
  4. Hello i try hack but cant did.. Anyone can be hack this game? Game link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.globalwarsimulationlite Ver: v22 Lite free
  5. İ know ur problem send special messages me
  6. This topic have video i not see?
  7. (REQ)KİNGDOM DEFENCE HERO LEGEND TD i cute this game only gem.. But can't in tournament mode gold anyone help ?
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