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  1. But it works fine in Nougat, could Oreo be the culprit?
  2. _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later Again, it works on the test app, but not in my game ?
  3. Still not work.. here's the logcat GG_logcat_r8.54.0_10022_8.0.0_26.log
  4. Dear Enyby, did you already found the fix for the problem? Thanks
  5. Okay. Glad to hear you found the problem. Take your time. Thanks ?
  6. So..any result base on my logcat?
  7. So activate the game, load the speedhack and then start the log?
  8. Okay finally this is it Log_2018-04-03_08-17-52.txt
  9. Oops..my bad..try this logcat_20180403065257.txt
  10. This is my logcat.. OnePlus 5T, Android 8.0.0 Oxygen OS 5.0.4.. speedhack was working fine before I download the Oreo.. alogrec.2018-04-03-05-02-42.log
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