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  1. its weird , join 2012, and just comment this month on my post saying i am leeching...

  2. P. S. The reason yall getting banned is because the bypass don't work during Tencent screen anymore... Real bypass gets activated after Tencent menu lol... Trust this leecher all u want... I am showing you all the way to undetectable hacks.
  3. I advise you people check out xMevius on YouTube... He has awesome scripts that don't get you banned like this guy, and his bypasses actually work. Smiling sword can't hold a candle to xMevius when it comes to. Scripts. Step your game up smiling sword you slacking _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later And xMevius script was out hours after 6.0 update. Smiling sword may just be leeching script... xMevius and LemonIce are the best when it comes to. Scripts... I even found a no recoil mod with super aimbot and magic bullet that works with no ban
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