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  1. still on vacation and haven't opened the game for weeks. so modding no longer possible? that's what i forsaw when i saw the hack openly available in the free section of the forum which means it was readily available everywhere else... no wonder it caught heat and greedy IGG decided to make it all server sided (though probably it was gonna eventually be like that anyway) @t3xboar your vlad skill modding sounds like it's worth a try. i have no net connection in my cell phone at the moment so can't try it myself. hope other people will try and report. thanks for the heads up
  2. @t3xboar there are many methods for boss but they're all cumbersome and not so reliable. you need PD and berzerk champion to permastun easily. i can solo boss 2 and kill him in under 3min. when my PD reaches 8/9 I'll be able to do the same with boss 3 what are your heroes levels and talents? i could recommend something to try to lockstun boss 2
  3. @sasdx that sucks bro. VIP was only about CC because there was nothing else worth here. plus with so many people hacking the game, it won't take long until it catches too much heat and IGG decides to serve-side HBM, HT and E. really sucks
  4. WTF now there's a hack for this game in the free section?
  5. @skull then perhaps try to beat them under 7secs? throwing in a PD or two? HBM wave J is super easy to beat with only 2/3 heroes. trying the Aries skill is just for experimentation and giggles anyone found a workaround for values jumping to different places in latest game version? it makes it useless to use an automated app to mod the game... I'm too lazy to do it manually I'm halfway through to level up my PD to 8/9 and be able to permastun boss 3 using only PD and my 4/5 zerk champion. being able to solo boss 3 at 12k might is gonna be fun
  6. anyone tried giving Aries skills to all their heroes in HBM/HT? could be interesting to see if that only mod could help us from having to mod all the other values. how hard could it be to beat those waves with procless heroes? currently on vacation and lacking stable internet connection to try it myself
  7. @skull whatever floats your boat but your info isn't accurate, at least not for my 12+k might. 2400 shards per month from missions? why would u even need waste time doing missions when you can get 1000+ shards a DAY from wave J and dungeons 8? hahaha not interested in hihacking the thread to discuss with noobs. it's the end of the might topic for me. I'm here for the hack/mod discussion. peace
  8. @t3xboar join a guild. boss 2 is super easy. you can get 7000+ HB per event. and HT usually gives 1.2k per try (sometimes it gives 2.4~5.2k but it's random). once you get your PD to 8/9 and get berserk on him or champ, you'll be able to easily solo boss 3. @the person who likes playing high might. it's up to you to choose the way you enjoy playing the most. what you have heard and are repeating is something that may be valid for normal players who need a sixth hero to beat higher waves or even expeditions or normal raids. we use a mod, we cheat, so we don't need 6 players and we don't need to do missions (except for the talent refresh cards and occasional gems). i play low might because it's incredibly easy and not time consuming to upkeep for me, i can do all dungeons 8 with no mod, R10 with no mod, solo boss 2 with no mod. do you really think i could care for the measly daily rewards or mission rewards or for being raided? gold/mana is free, it just takes me literally 2-3 minutes to raise a million at low might. and i couldn't care less if someone takes mine i paid to be a VIP member only to be able to mod for HBM/HT. all i care for is farming shards/HB to v level up heroes and their skills. i don't need to have an ugly looking base with tons of buildings and i don't need the unnecessary high might from them. but that's just me and the way i choose to play. everyone is free to play they want or the way they know best. I've had around 20 game accounts at different might levels and i know perfectly the advantages/disadvantages of each one. so instead of blindly repeating things that may be true/useful to others, I'd suggest experimenting by yourself and decide what is best for you. just remember you are here because you use the mod which gives you an advantage over other players so you don't necessarily need the way they play. in the end just try to enjoy the game the best you can haha peace! anyone knows the skill number for Aries? Thanks in advance
  9. @nighthawk congrats on aries hope you get PD soon! just updated game hacker application and now i get 167 results instead of the usual 171 i get using the older version. worst thing though is that value positions keep changing and it's driving me nuts. any workarounds to this except going back to using the older version?
  10. as for HB i do boss 2 every day. i deal 24 million in 1'30" which gives me 7150 badges a day, plus 2400-2600 badges from Arena, plus extra badges from mission rewards and daily rewards, plus the 3,600-5,000 badges from 3 HT a day... i get 15,000 HB/day without sweat...
  11. @t3xboar i play low might and my heroes are still under 160 and won't level them past that until i level up their skills. i have low level TH and only vaults, no mines/mills except the one that comes with the game (staying at level 1). i have also just 1 troop camp at low level just to produce troops when required for missions. i only use the first 2 magics restoration and ares. my towers are low level as well as my hero bases. I'm rarely attacked because my 140-160 heroes might look intimidating for other players of the same might range. when i do raids/expeditions i can finish each one with 3-4 heroes mostly using no magic. the game is really comfortable at low might. most of my might comes from my heroes rather than useless buildings. after all buildings don't go to raids/dungeons hahaha so they're useless for me and using the mod i have no need of high level defenses for HBM/HT it's not my first game, it's actually my 5th, i learned from the previous ones what mistakes not to do with this one hehe big CONGRATS on your PD mate! the game will surely become more fun for you! PS in arena i get 100hb/hour and I'm able to beat opponents of 25,000-30,000 might. in mesa i can do boss 2 with the right team mates. i can do R10 expeditions with no mod. just recently decided to go for dungeon 8, I'm still doing the first ones and getting confidence to do the 40 shard dungeon soon good luck
  12. @darkhelmet thx for the feedback bro. same for me. always gives me a failure even if i clear the dungeon @abothername i do exactly as explained in OP. just make sure you aren't facing the same heroes with same levels as yours. can you explain exactly what happens when you try the mod? disconnect error? failure results? you can't beat the enemy heroes? maybe that way we could help you better i do expeditions just after doing HBM, i use the same 3 modded heroes, complete each expedition in 10-15secs
  13. @nighthawk i can also confirm your results, successful hack in expeditions but not in mesa, i haven't tried boss now but it didn't work for me before either about dungeons, opposite to your results, i get failure when using the hack even in dungeons i can easily complete without mod (for example dungeons 5 and 6). if you're successful in some dungeons it'd be interesting understanding the reason. i tried with and without magic with similar failure results just for the purpose of testing this, i updated to the latest game version and obtained 171 results instead of the usual 161 i got using previous versions. i guess the values for Molt and Aries must have been added at the end because i successfully used the same numbers i usually use to mod my heroes in previous versions of the game. i restarted the game multiple times and i could always get 171 results so I'll continue using this version i think
  14. @matt what is the above method you're referring to? a while ago when i tried boss and expeditions the hack didn't work but someone else besides you says hack works in expeditions and now you're also saying that it works for you in boss... so something has changed in the game? you can solo boss 3 with the hack? and have you tried it in the new coop dungeons (mesa)? if other people can confirm it works in boss it'd be great
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