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  1. you can searh in google with this keyword "how to root nexus 7" there is many application to root any phone just search in google, must be find it..
  2. yes it's need root so your nexus 7 must be root first, so you can use game hacker
  3. yeah it's working now, and something crush.. but if i hack the damage, i always lose, never win enemy damage always 1 hit on me, but mine not always
  4. hi, can i using xprivacy for summoners wars sky arena so GK doesn't detected in game? if it can, could u mine how make it work? i try step as above, but nothing. still detected my GK in Game
  5. Working using GH, but is not always my team damage big hit, but for enemy is always big hit when enemy hit me
  6. no, because it's too little modded games.. i want a famous game to be modded, like : hayday,summoners wars : sky arena, and something like that or u can give us any hack for that peace thanks
  7. hi there, i'm using GK to hack the damage, but its detected in summoners wars what should i do?
  8. Hi everyone, nice to meet you all. i'm new in this forum. my name Vcliex. Thank you
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