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  1. Even with hide from game options turned on (Except 4, since speed won't work with it on) the game still crashes. Guess for now this function is a no go. Thanks for all the help
  2. Report file from Dokkan crashing with speed function GG_logcat_r84.1_15366_6.0.1_23.log
  3. darkallnight


    Thank you, I'll do just that
  4. darkallnight


    Disabled all green labeled boxes, which were 1: App and Java 2: App 6: App and Java And the crashes in the exact same places kept happening.
  5. darkallnight


    First time posting so hopefully I can report this correctly. It seems with the latest update GG's speed function is making Dokkan Battle crash with most screens besides battle. Tried doing what usually crashes the game but without GG and it all worked normally, the moment I attach GG and change the Speedo to 1.5 for example and mess around for a few seconds, the same screens now freeze the game for a few seconds before crashing.
  6. Any news about modding this game? ;3
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