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  1. I wonder how the Russians and Chinese are able too hack the game and we aren't
  2. What was possible to edit b4? Gems? Spawning items? And how likely was it to get caught?
  3. Most of the vids on you tube are for older and website base hacks the few gg vids that i saw are garbage didn't really tell how. Hopefully we learn of a way to do it with the new update and you guys can share how to accomplish the hack
  4. How where you able to hack it b4? All this time playing dh5 and I didn't know that you can hack it...
  5. Are the memory searches still working for current version?
  6. Sorry wrong catlog, on this one i was looking for the amount of 5000, didnt find it went to game spend some money rescan found 3 adresses of 4700 edit all 3 didnt make a change. Went to game once more rescan spent money and came out with 0 results. test24.txt
  7. This is my catlog, i hope it helps and you can make GG work for me again :-) I've been looking at VIP, what are the benefits for it. scan.txt
  8. Ill be working on getting that today, your link sends me to this topic
  9. having issues with the app not finding values with all my games. games that I've used GG on previous version and by that i mean ver. 6. i just recently updated my note 3 to 5.0 and have rooted the device. i do use game killer and it works but i like GG way better have 8.1.6 of GG. hope someone can help maybe with this new version im doing something wrong
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