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  1. Any update on this Jennah? Im keen to chip in if I can and help pay. Any update on this Jennah? Im keen to chip in if I can and help pay.
  2. Very paranoid community with server sided games but respectively understandable I want more tuts so I can start contributing to the community here How to mod an apk would be a good tut
  3. When i search the legendary code i only get 4 results?
  4. Been all thru forums but only found the 3 hero type codes.can anyone plz pm me and point me in the direction?
  5. Seems with the update you can no longer find 1081711002
  6. Do we not have Atlanticores skill code yet? I might roll and find out anyone else want it?
  7. Dud any of you play clash of the clans? One of the mod forums I was on for coc created a private server which gave all players 999999 gems Was enough to do everything up to the max anyway and was frigging good fun If theres anything I could fo to help Let me know as I would like to be a part of this awesome modding community
  8. So its not working at all with the update? I have been trying to get this work for months and as soon as I start getting close it seems I get even further away. Furthermore anyone I ask for help just seems to ignore me? Am I missing something here?
  9. Ok so i have rooted my phone but now when searching might modifier code in GH it says game reset then failed to find out the data try again??? Please someone help i have been trying to do this for some time now
  10. Same i purchased vip specifically for this
  11. Im confused has the update stopped sbgh or is it just something wrong on my end?
  12. So its a complete no go now?
  13. Sadly cc closes when searching a value on SBGH also SBGH returns with: Failed to find out the data search again im using genymotion and sb version is 2.6.2 Can this still be done or what? I did notice genymotion wanted me to update it saying it was incompaible with the device version but didnt think that would intefere anyone know whats going on here? does this have to be done on an actual rooted device rather than a virtual one on the pc? Would really appreciate some help with this
  14. Im getting adfly links not allowed where the links are how can i allow adlfy links?
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