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  1. maybe not. cash is possible, im have try it. but when im change xp to (-), the game force close instantly after i click upgrade
  2. - instal titanium backup - move to backup/restore in center tab - then search whetstone in aplication list. click it then freeze. and then restart phone - then clear data gameguardian, open again. then grant overlay popup when appears
  3. thsnks you so much sir. im dont know what i have to write in tittle. i am dont know anything about script. thanks you again sir
  4. hi everyone when in pes mobile, im usually searching player level and change contract temporary its always shown 300+ value then i must chose and edit all value between 67~900 in 300 value more how to search range value in in 2 range in Game Guardian? i mean search 1.888.250~1.888.350 and 67~900 in one click? thanks you so much
  5. hi. im using helium when using MIUI, try to disable whetstone.apk using titanium backup.
  6. please share how to hack shield and energy. im refresh this page 20x more at one day to find it.
  7. after im type score;healed city::5 then which value i must change to make it shield on off? edit iam in 6 health, so 9650;4::5 and then what i have to do sir?
  8. if my point is 9650, and my stat is 6 healed, then im must search 9650;6 > repair one building > then? im sory im not understand yet sir
  9. im sory. im reading until more 5x but not yet understand. so in my map, when my bar health is 5/10, what i must type? im sory, im very not understand yet
  10. sory to reply. gems and some item like key show at dword. just search value and see value change then edit it. game will freeze, then reopen.
  11. hello. i am new member. i am from indonesia. hello all
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