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  1. how? you mean with additional hack, player can do multiple boss fights?
  2. nice, thank you) what is HB farm? you mean, you get increased HB loot or what?
  3. I partially now how its done. But it have some troubles, we must be "in same" DNS server which is used. Now, at university one of our subjects is about network security, but because of we have 2 months to finish, i am not very interested But if you have some plans about private servers, i can learn some tricks from instructor about MITM (p.s. he has experience in such things)
  4. Hi. I was searching for guild. I want to join to your guild. And about donating, does it matter who is donater? i mean I have smurfs that I keep shards for guild, which i will be join, and i can donate and leave guild with smurfs, is it OK ?
  5. I tried to increase skill points. it changes, i mean I tried for 6k, when reality it is 100. But no success.
  6. Hi friends. I have tried to use Freedom on CC with Freecore mode, and able to open CC. The main thing is that, when buying gems, it dc, and no action when i login back. I am not good at modding, but if someone can find which methods is used during purchase, it will be awesome, and maybe I will be able to hack gem purchase by Freedom. If someone can find these methods, or events i don't know, then I will speak with developer of program about how to bypass that methods. BTW, I saw someone in IGG forum was arguing that he lost his heroes which he get from gem roll after dc. If he right, then gem roll is client sided, I mean, hero selection occur in client, and results are sent to server. Then can we find methods, which determine random hero indexes?
  7. my invite code : c2554223 thanks for sharing app)
  8. guys, i don't know so much in modding, but can you check, which methods are called after dungeon/hbm start ?
  9. it is scam. He even didn't show version of game.
  10. it is marketing tactics i think. IGG got cash in 2 ways (maybe only developers): purchase in game and selling own "hack"s, because only they know, how to hack, after each update. No one can proof that they are developers from team. And after selling couple of "hack"s , they by creating new accounts, attack some famous players, to be known, which by this, there is purpose for new update. Accordingly for new mod. And this cycle is continues infinity. Today, i will check, for request/responses which application sends server, and receives. Maybe some additional variable values are sent through request, that can keep opened connection.
  11. You must install Freedom again , begin it and stop it. Then try entering to Google Play. Do you remeber, when uninstalling Freedom, you stopped it? Because it says " stop Freedem, after using it. Else you will have problems with Play Store" if i remember correctly.
  12. there is still hack of hero stats with using GG. maybe someone here knows it?
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