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  1. Need Modded version of monster blade asap!
  2. I too have been looking for a fully unlocked version. No luck though.
  3. would like the apk for this game considering its $15.99 to play :/ dont wanna pay that.. thats for sure.
  4. sup yo just learned how to root phone the other day... whole reason i wanted it rooted was to be able to use this now im addicted to hacking every game possible... but so u know i got the name fecalninja from playing counterstrike way back in the day it was just a name i changed to and it stuck... real name is g money.... har har someone message me so i feel special
  5. Play Store Icon Image Name of Game:Dungeon & Hero Game Version if known: Name of Cheat: Unlimited Stat Points Steps: Open both Dungeon & Hero, and GameGuardian. Start a new game. Select one of the classes. You will be brought to a stat screen to apply initial stat points. Search for the value 10 Use one stat point. Search for the value 9 Use one stat point Search for the value 8 You should be left with 4 results, find the result that is 4 byte. Enter any number you like for the new value and apply a stat point your available points will shoot up to the number you entered for the value.
  6. Play Store Icon Image Name of Game:Dungeon Defenders Game Version if known: Name of Cheat:Crystals and Stat Points Steps: Open both Dungeon Defenders, and GameGuardian. Start a new game in solo mode. Walk over to the tavern keeper and open his menu Search your value of crystals if new game should be around 200 There is nothing you can buy so play one level. Things are expensive! Play through one level win or lose doesn't matter collect all items. Go back to tavern and Sell one item. Search your new crystal value. Sell another item and search your crystal value again. Input a high number 999999 works as a new value. You're gonna need it. Enjoy. Stat Points. Start a new game... Level up to level 3 don't use any stat points until you're level 3 to make this easier to find the value. Search the value of stat points you have to apply to new level. Use one stat point, Search new value. Use another stat point search new value.. You will be narrowed down to about 2-4 values. Switch all values to 10 and lock the value. If you don't know how to lock the value when you start game guardian you need to push the "enable lock function" button and then push the ad on the top let the ad load close it. You will have lock function for one game. After you increase your stat points to the desired level unlock the value and apply the remaining 10 points to insure the game registers the new stats.
  7. Play Store Icon Image Name of Game:Constantine I Game Version if known: Name of Cheat:Gold Steps: Open both Constantine I, and GameGuardian. Start game and search your gold value (new game is 500) Open menu and go to Shop. Spend 100 gold (search 400) Spend 100 gold again and search 300 Will leave you with one value change value and bam unlimited gold. The same can be done with diamonds but you will have to play for a while to acquire enough diamonds to do a successful search that is narrowed down enough to edit. Enjoy.
  8. that is beyond me.. i am still new to this 2 days into my hacking ways.. explain more detail!! or... hack one of these online games and tell me how to do it
  9. yeah its possible that it is just visual...and more likely probable.. too good to be true.. as always.. anyways you said with this program alone does that mean you know something I don't know? So yea.. **** all the online games look like alot of fun but me so lazy to play for real time...
  10. yes all i was able to do was hack my units and ghost ship battles, tried doing the points but my son keeps taking my phone to play dinosaur wars now that he can have 250k of each dinosaur he no longer gives it back when the dinosaurs are dead ... but yea i'll plug away at dragon kingdom when i get a chance game guardian works on almost every game its just sometimes i think the servers save data over rides the things u want to change so there has to be away around it
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Play Store Icon Image Name of Game:Lair Defense: Dungeon Game Version if known: Name of Cheat:Unlimited Gold Steps: Open both Lair Defense: Dungeon, and GameGuardian. Start a new game or saved game. Pause the game and Search for your value of gold. Unpause and Kill Mobs until one drops a piece of gold. Re-Search your new gold amount. Repeat step 3-5 Until your results are between 2-4. Change value to "999999" for example. Finish Level and use your gold.
  13. Name of Game: Iruna Online Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): Version if you know it: What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Stat Points Gold Etc... Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: Yes, I got it to adjust the stat points and everytime I went to confirm the increased stats they reset back to original. Even when locking the value's it doesn't change it. Will change it temporarily visually but it is not having an effect on game play. Comments: I tried for hours to hack the stat points... Thought I had it down... at new character I got 600+ stat points applied to the character got excited... got into game.. stats were back at normal.. level'd up one time, found the value for stat points reapplied, reset back to normal. Then found the value for just strength, adjusted it.. again same thing go to confirm your point usage and it resets it. If anyone can figure out how to hack this game I think it would be alot of fun
  14. yes indeed i did and now im hacking every other game i can.. currently have hacked defender 2, lair defense dungeon, zenonia 4, 2012 baseball stars, dragon kingdom online(some things unhackable), working on Iruna Online,Shadow Era, and kingdom Conquest right now.
  15. word im a regular ol hack now... ive hacked every game on my phone and now im just looking for more games if anyone knows some good ones i like rpg's and action mostly
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