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  1. the hp hack doesn't work anymore, even changing on 1 hero, the rest of team dies or disconnect ... Thanks for the tip Csharp ! Off topic, does anyone ever got 60% of shards drop rate ? Yesterday, i use my macro for 14 hours to farm the dungeon 31 shards, before starting the macro, i was at 3141 shards. Coming back, i see 3978 shards so i gain 837 shards. It's 64% dropping rate ! Impossible... The best drop i usually get is 30%, pure luck or something else ? I will run the macro later and see if it happen again
  2. i don't think that is the issues because I'm playing with bluestacks on version 1.2.51 (latest version). I forgot to mention yesterday, to use the unlimited hp, you have to drop first a guardian angel, then your heroes, it bypass the server check. I did 5 consecutive dungeons without problems. And for the damage hack, do not input 1 999 999 999 on the blue line, instead use 1078437971 for dw value. Your heroes might should be 9400. Sadly, i can't farm dungeon 40 shards anymore with those changes (my heroes are too weak...) ( Sorry for my bad english, it's not my first language)
  3. dungeon works partially, the proc and skill hack will fail or disconnect but the HP and damage hack still OK.
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