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  1. I have been using Game Guardian to try out simple hacking on a bunch of games, some I was successful, some not. Here is a list of games that are hack-able with Game Guardian.
    In no Particular order.
    Kingsman: The Secret Service
    Demon hunt 2: the legend of archer
    Dragon's Blade
    Knight of Pen and Paper 2
    Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare
    Stickman Legends - Ninja Hero: Knight, Shooter RPG
    Kingdom Quest: Crimson Warden
    DemonSouls (Action RPG)
    Linear Quest
    Merchants of Space: Galactic Outpost Strategy
    Mystic Guardian : Old School Action RPG
    Spaceship V
    Space STG II - Death Rain
    Space City: building game
    Caves (Roguelike)
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