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  1. i think something change and the code doesnt light up anymore?
    It work very well. but i still cant figgur how to work the dog relate stuff... i do want a Ceberus !!!
  2. doesn't go offline. it dc if go offline
  3. does my phone have to be root to see the save file? PS: tryed just like intruction but somhow when i load the game it automatic close. do i have to pass a certain stage for this to work. i try with moded game (automatic close after loading the save file) normal game (automatic close while it loading up the game) PS: again sry work now turn out i supose to put the number on the right hand
  4. hey there actually a mod that maynot be 4k att and defend but have 1 hit kill and high defend as well as 65k gold on the original post
  5. Name of Requested File: Devil Maker: Tokyo Link To Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.palmple.glodmkr.google Comments: looking for anytype of cheat hack or mod for this game, prefer moded
  6. well just cause game server side dont mean it uncheatable just that u need skill to mess it up... well im too lzy to open the book
  7. i think most game that require online play should be vip when update that would lower the chance of getting patch. off line game should be easy enough without detail intruction. so public them in comon is fine. game that require heavy modification should be vip too ^^. also can u inclue the link so i understand what newly relase feature u mean?
  8. i dont see any feed back in the forum so ill just put my coment here ^^ i would like some funtion added if posible. when the search finish i would like to be able to move to the hex map from the address found because it seem that i have to type the address manually everytime which is very tireing. also i would like to beable to adjust the address in the added/save value.
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