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  1. The long search times are worth it, it usually succeeds when the regular search regions fail. *sent from my HP Touchpad*
  2. Name of Game: Maplestory Live (Free or Deluxe) Game Version if known: 1.1.2 Name of Cheat: Ability and Skill point cheats Steps: Open both Maplestory Live, and GameGuardian. Make sure you have some unused points from leveling up. If you have 0, raise your level to gain some more (and set your ability point mode to "free" if you haven't already, or else the game will spend your points for you). In Game Guardian, set your search range to "All Regions". In Game Guardian, search for the value of the points you want to edit. (If you have 3 points, search for 3, and etc) Return to the game, and use one of your points. Search in Game Guardian for the new point number. If there are still a lot of results, repeat steps 5 and 6. When you find the value, change it to however many points you want. This works for both skill points and ability points. Please keep in mind that "candies" are server side only, and at the moment cannot be modified. The numbers can be changed, but it will return to the original value after trying to buy anything.
  3. What group would you like to be in? Game Guardian Team Why should you be in that group? I game on Android a lot, even more so than on game consoles. GG is fun to use, and I experiment with it whenever I see a chance to. I always put detail into my posts and make sure they are easy to understand. Will you remain active? Of course. Do you use proper grammar? Yes. What is your experience with root apps/flashing/GG? I've been around Android ever since the G1 was released, and have been flashing custom ROMs on all my devices for many years. I've only been around Game Guardian for a month or so, but I'm already used to it. I plan on posting cheats and tutorials for games that aren't listed yet, so I figure I might as well get a position for it while I'm at it. I can also make video tutorials if necessary.
  4. Name of Game: Aralon: Sword and Shadow (Amazon Appstore only) Game Version if known: 4.42 Name of Cheat: Money editing Steps: Open both Aralon, and GameGuardian. Make sure you set search range to "All Regions" in Game Guardian before searching. Load up your save, and look at your inventory. Search for your amount of money in Game Guardian. Lots of results will show up. Gain some money from somewhere (kill an enemy, sell an item, etc.) Search for the new value of money in Game Guardian. Edit that value to anything you want! You need to exit/re-enter the inventory screen for the money to update. Enjoy infinite gold! Video guide here Image guide I'm not sure which type of guides I want to use yet, which is why I've posted all three.
  5. I've found that the locations change for each person, in most games. Sometimes they are different and change spots each time you load up the game. FF III works normally for me using Gameguardian. I'm using an ICS tablet, however...
  6. Name of Game: Dungeon Village (by Kairosoft CO., Ltd) Game Version if known: 1.0.1 (not tested on latest version 1.0.2) Name of Cheat: Money/Popularity/Town Point edits Steps: Open both Dungeon Village, and GameGuardian. Search for the value you want to edit using Gameguardian (money, town points, etc) Return to the game, and wait for the value to change naturally. Once it has changed, return to Game Guardian and search for the new value. There should be around 2 - 3 results. Edit each of them to whatever value you want. Usually it is the last result that works. Enjoy your virtually unlimited funds!
  7. Very nice, got the cash and gold edits working great. Wish i would have remembered to check back here before I spent my measly 99c on gold.
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