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  1. what i can do bro plz help
  2. bro iam doing all thing in video same proplem the game force close
  3. hi bro iam doing steps by step download all in the video suddo and taichi but same proplem force close
  4. https://youtu.be/ZPyZb0A070A
  5. hi all i have proplem when i use lua scrpit in pupg force close game did i use wrong or something wrong in setting plz help
  6. when i use the hack force close every time plz help
  7. amier

    delete file lua scrpit

    wow finaly you are alegendery thx very much you are awesome [added 0 minutes later] thx bro very much
  8. amier

    delete file lua scrpit

    hi bro iam trying for use terminal i canut remove or rename you c the pic iam git quesion mark in the end for lua scrpit any idea how to rename or remove in pc plz help me thx alot
  9. hi iam download this lua scrpits i canut delete it iam try many apps to delete plz help any idea screenrecorder.20200217121654.mp4
  10. amier

    World War Heroes

    nut work its git me out and i got message u are cheater then git me out the battle
  11. The game kick me out always
  12. amier

    Frag HACK

    plz update the hack
  13. Hi bro the game freeze when i use lua scrpit plz help me
  14. amier

    Frag HACK

    Thx very much i canut save with google play very sadly
  15. nut work bro always the scrpit restart
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