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  1. Hm idk but heres the file,thx for the awnser UltimateHackVer10.lua
  2. UltimateHackVer10.lua So let me trie to explain it Theres this script for a game The script can modify a value of this game that i cant find But this function of the script(that modifys the value) is only for vip (So its locked for me) So i want to know is if theres a way that i can find the code/id (number or however its called)of this value by this file of the script And if theres, how do i make it? Thx for reading
  3. Idk but hm here's the file and thx for the awnser UltimateHackVer10.lua
  4. Trix7002

    Locked function

    This is the file an the problem is,theres this Vip functions and i need a way to use them without the vip (I dont know if now is understandable but i tried) Thx UltimateHackVer10.lua
  5. Trix7002

    Locked function

    Theres a script with locked functions how can i unlock then?
  6. Trix7002

    Locked function

    Hey so in this script i have to be vip to unlock some functions,is there anyway so i can use them without being vip?
  7. Hey guys,hope you're doing fine So theres this script that i downloaded and theres a bunch of functions that requires a vip and it doenst says how ro get it,so my question is if theres any way for me to use those functions without te vip Thx for read this :)
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